10 Incredible Wedding Lighting Ideas

Photography by Shari + Mike.

When it comes to creating the perfect ambiance and vibe for your wedding, as well as having it look incredibly dreamy and photo-worthy, the right decor is key. While flowers play a huge role in ensuring your wedding looks beautiful, lighting is just as important to carry your celebration into the night. While there are some lighting elements you have less control over (such as your venue’s in-house lighting system), there are still some fantastic ways to incorporate warmth and glow into your celebration. Here are our favourite ideas that couples have used lights in real-life celebrations.

Photography by Christene de Coening.

1. Edison bulb pendant lights
Single lights hanging from the ceiling or floral installations overtop your reception tables provides a big impact, and you don’t have to use many bulbs to achieve this effect. We love that these individual lights can be hung at various heights to add dimension and interest to your decor.

Photography by Scott Williams as seen in this real wedding.

2. String light curtains
Whether you choose a more dense curtain or something a little more simple, a curtain of string lights makes for a beautiful backdrop.

Photography by Benjamin Wheeler as seen in this real wedding.

3. Chandeliers
Chandeliers add a glam effect to any celebration, and truly hold their own as a main source of lighting as the light are turned down low during the reception and for dancing.

Photography by Rebecca Wood as seen in this real wedding.

4. Tea lights in glass orbs
These lights give an amazing dreamy effect, as if candles are floating mid-air. We especially love them hanging among greenery floral installations for a secret garden vibe.

Photography by Art Haus Foto as seen in this real wedding.

5. Hanging candles
Up your candle game with these impressive hanging candles hung from the ceiling. This unique detail will leave your guests in awe!

Photography by Mango Studios as seen in this story.

6. Custom hanging light fixtures
To tie in with your theme and if your budget allows, consider installing statement-making light fixtures for an elevated look.

Photography by Natalie Andrusiak as seen in this real wedding.

7. Aisle candles
This is a classic decor idea that never goes out of style. For maximum effect, opt to hold your ceremony at dusk like this couple did, and ensure you use votive candles of different heights for an beautiful touch.

Photography by Shari + Mike as seen in this real wedding.

8. Backdrop candles
With the help of tree stumps, candles placed at varying heights, in combination with string lights, creates an amazing effect for a ceremony backdrop.

Photography by Brandon Scott as seen in this real wedding.

9. Fairy lights strung along tent roof
With the addition of stars, candles strung along a clear tent roof creates a magical vibe and adds warmth and romance.

Photography by Sandra Lee as seen in this real wedding.

10. String lights and paper lanterns
We love the effect of string lights strategically draped against a wall, accented by gold and white paper lanterns. This adds whimsy to your ceremony backdrop!


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