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Gorgeous Ways To Incorporate Greenery

  |  By Kimberly Aglipay

The greenery trend shows no signs of slowing down any time soon, and we're totally on board. Whether you use seeded eucalyptus or succulents, vivid green leaves and stems are a great way to zhoosh up your wedding and give it an enchanted garden vibe without incorporating a ton of pricey blooms. At this point, green is practically a neutral colour at weddings, and it works with almost any theme, from foresty and rustic to contemporary and sophisticated.

We've seen loads of gorgeous ways our real wedding couples have incorporated greenery into their celebrations—everything from tasteful garlands to glam chandeliers swathed in foliage. You can paint your ceremony and reception in shades of olive, jade, and all the greens in between.


Lush garland centrepieces

Photography by Tara McMullen

With details like breathtakingly unique illustrated place cards and tied chevron cutlery bundles, this tablescape could afford to simplify other elements. It does so by ditching the vases and complex, expensive bouquets and opting for a full green garland with seeded eucalyptus. A few strategically-placed candles complement the styling, and the overall look's got us beaming heart-eye emojis.


Minimalist ceremony arches

Photography by Artanis Collective

Flowers cost a pretty penny. Instead of incorporating blooms around the ceremony arch, opt for a small canopy of greenery for a dainty minimalist effect. This one looks like it's bedecked with Bridgerton-esque wisteria. The wooden chairs provide warmth to a starkly white albeit sun-dappled room and complete the natural look and feel of the space.


Wild, unstructured bouquets

Photography by Beige Weddings as seen in this real wedding

This floral arrangement is stunning with its silver dollar eucalyptus, white roses, and succulent accent. It has a free-spirited unstructured vibe despite being meticulously put together—let's call it the bouquet equivalent of no-makeup makeup, and we're here for the understated drama.


Whimsical ceremony arches

Photography by Elizabeth In Love as seen in this real wedding

Imagine this wooden arch without the greenery and balls of white flowers off to the sides. It wouldn't be very inspiring, would it? As it is, the vines draped over the top wend their way to the floor and bring the altar to life. It's not elaborate, but that's part of the appeal.


Green tablescape accents

Photography by Purple Tree Photography as seen in this real wedding.

This modern, elegant white tablescape looks effortless with its glass-encased pillar candles, glass candelabras, and lively centrepieces. We love the forest green and gold vases filled with leaves and white blossoms—they add richness and depth to the colour scheme.


Chair wreaths

Photography by Beige Weddings as seen in this real wedding

Lots of greenery adorns these rustic ceremony chairs. Wreathed seats like these can make anyone feel as though they're royalty and part of something special, even if it's just for a few moments. The white flowers match the seat cushions and provide a romantic ambiance ideal for impending nuptials.


Pew markers

Photography by Rachel Peters as seen in this real wedding

Evergreen branches fastened with ribbons onto church pews are a sweet way to tie a winter-themed wedding together. The deep green and pops of white instantly brighten up the aisle and lift the mood in the space. Pine, spruce, and fir set the pews apart from a regular Sunday service and give us big-time Christmas feels.


Green chandeliers

Photography by Beige Weddings as seen in this real wedding

Greenery and tulips dangle from an arresting focal chandelier, adding to this wedding's natural theme. The tulip-dotted foliage flutters downwards and counterpoints the upward-facing bulbs and candle tubes to notable effect. Ivy-covered walls and fairy lights echo the chandelier and reinforce the whimsical feel.


Olive branch wreaths

Photography by 5ive15ifteen as seen in this real wedding

Instead of bouquets, the bridesmaids at this wedding held olive branch wreaths for a minimalist, ethereal effect worthy of Greek goddesses, a notion supported by their dresses. The olive branch, the OG peace symbol, also circled the cake at this event, lending the entire function a sense of old-world harmony. We love the elegant structure and relative simplicity and affordability of these arrangements.


Cake decor

Photography by 5ive15ifteen as seen in this real wedding

Olive branches decorate each tier of this show-stopping five-tier white cake at an Italian wedding, giving the whole creation a fresh feel. We love what seems like a throwback to celebrations of yore. Colourful pears and grapes mingle with olive sprigs and decorate the top and bottom layers, and there's an overall sense of abundance and sharing on a happy occasion.


Tall greenery centrepieces

Photography by Barb Simkova of Tara McMullen Photography as seen in this real wedding

Tall centrepieces with bouquets of greens give this elegant wedding a chic, grand feel. There are white blooms and more greenery closer to eye level. And elevated candles within glass cylinders supported by gold candlesticks cast a warm glow at a slightly different, visually compelling height. The chairs enhance the natural feel, and subtle mauve accents suffuse the space with feminine energy.


Dangling greenery-framed candles

Photography by Art Haus Foto as seen in this real wedding

This couple wanted to bring a sense of the outdoors to their indoor venue, The Carlu. To that end, tall cypress trees formed a border around the space, tablescape candles were wrapped in foliage, and there was a harvest spread. Greenery added interest to this hanging candle installation which looks like a literal lightbulb moment, giving the reception venue a dreamy vibe. The decidedly modern approach has farmstyle and industrial elements.


Canopies of greenery

Photography by Rebecca Wood as seen in this real wedding

Instead of a traditional green garland, this couple opted for bushels of greenery atop elegant gold frames with dangling glass candle terrariums. We love the burnished accents, flickering orbs, pillar candles, and the way the green ferns on the table are a subtle and more tropical burst of green than the canopy above.


Potted-herb centrepieces

Photography by Aron Goss as seen in this real wedding

For the ultimate garden-inspired wedding, use various DIY herb centrepieces in elevated pots. These herbs look nothing alike, but they're aesthetically complementary. They're fantastic running the length of the table, and they'll fill your venue with distinct botanical aromas. Potted herbs are the gifts that keep on giving, so they make wonderful wedding favours, too—your guests will have plenty of rosemary, basil, or sage for all their culinary endeavours.

This article was originally published on Aug 13, 2018

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