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A Sweet Backyard Wedding In Nova Scotia

Jennie met Daniel a few months after moving to Montreal to study at McGill University. On the day of their first encounter, both of them were sitting in a cafe near the school when Daniel introduced himself. “I think his intro line was something like, ‘Hi, I’m trying to come up with a name for my band. Would you mind telling me what you think of these ones?’” Jennie says with a laugh. “Pretty sure I told him I liked ‘Caverns’ best—and they initially chose that name, but quickly regretted it.”

Almost every aspect of Jennie and Daniel’s wedding had a personal touch, which made it all the more meaningful. Their wedding colours, ivory, yellow, and blue, were an homage to French Provincial colours and France, where the couple got engaged. Jennie and Daniel even got married in the same church as Jennie’s parents. “With the babies babbling, flies buzzing, and so many of our friends and family there in the intimate space, it felt like a real community event,” Jennie describes. “We felt very supported, together there with everyone.”

The cutting of the cake was a special moment for the bride and groom because it was made by one of their flower girls, five-year-old Roslyn. Originally, the couple didn’t plan on having a wedding cake. “In the days coming up to the wedding, I started feeling a little disappointed we wouldn’t have that ‘cake cutting moment,’” Jennie recalls. “Well, our flower girl arrived at the rehearsal the night before the wedding with a gingerbread cake, frosted and topped with toy bride and groom and everything. It was delicious!”

For their wedding song, the couple chose “La Vie en Rose” by Gilles Valiquette. Jennie and Daniel wanted a Quebec song because it was where Daniel grew up, and where the couple now live. “The lyrics are basically saying, I don’t need a whole lot, I just need to know that you’re coming over to see me,” the two explain. “They’re pretty sweet. It was perfect for us.”

Jennie and Daniel , June 16, 2018, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia.

Photography courtesy of Rachael Shrum Photography.

Ceremony venue:
Covenanter Church
Reception venue: Bride’s parents’ backyard
Bridal gown:
Martina Liana from Ivoire
Flower girl dresses:
Groom’s tux: 
Paul Smith
Humble Burdock and bride’s aunt
Caterer and cake: 
Le Caveau

A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Floral Arrangement A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Lighting Fixtures A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Tent Interior A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Backyard Reception A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Bride and Groom Smiling A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Bride and Groom Posing A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Close up of Happy Couple A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Groom Twirling Bride A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Bride's Bouquet A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Bride's Hair A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Bride and Groom Kiss A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia-Couple Holds Hands A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia-Wedding Ceremony A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia-Walking Down the Aisle A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Bride and Children A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Order of Events Board A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia-Food A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia-Cutting the Cake A-Rustic-Backyard-Wedding-in-Nova-Scotia- Wedding Rings

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