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A Romantic Pink Wedding At The Four Seasons Hotel In Toronto

  |  By Kelsey Nowlan

Darragh and Renaud first met in Montreal while Darragh was there for a weekend trip from Toronto. The future bride and groom had to go their separate ways at the end of the weekend, but couldn’t stop thinking about the instant connection they shared. “My mom still brings up that when I came home from that weekend, she had asked me if I met anyone interesting, and I had said ‘well, there was one boy…’” Darragh recalls. “Mom knew about Renaud, before she ever knew him.” One year later, Renaud moved to Toronto, but the two didn't meet again until they were both in Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest.

A petal pink colour scheme was carried throughout the couple's big day—from the blush bridesmaid dresses to Darragh's bouquet, to the blooming flowers on the cake. The choice of pink peonies was very significant to the couple. “The flowers hold a very special place in our hearts,” Darragh explains. "The theme was peonies from our engagement, and we wanted to carry this flower throughout our wedding.” This choice was inspired by a bouquet of flowers Darragh’s aunt had sent the bride’s mother days before the engagement.

On the day of the wedding, the weather couldn't have been more beautiful. “When it was time for our first dance, the curtains were opened to reveal the most beautiful deep green-blue sky,” Darragh recalls fondly. “Dancing to the slow croon of The Flamingos with this magic sky in the background, we felt as if we could float away.”

One of the most memorable moments for Darragh and Renaud was standing at the altar and holding hands as a married couple. “We were elated, squeezing each others hands and smiling so big that this was it—we were married and got to step forward in life together evermore."

Darragh Kellam and Renaud Seguin, June 2, 2018, Toronto, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Avangard Photography.

Vendors Ceremony venue: Rosedale United Church Reception venue: The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Bridal gown: Alyne by Rita Vinieris from Kleinfeld Canada Bridesmaid dresses: Bella's Brides Groom’s tux: Hugo Boss Groomsmen attire: Hugo Boss
Flowers: Hello Midge Stationery: Patrick Mohan Cake: Kimmy Cakes Caterer: The Four Seasons Hotel Toronto Hair and makeup: Bridezilla Beauty Favours: Patrick Mohan Music: DJ Dave Campbell Lighting and sound: Sole Power Productions

A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Bride's Shoes

A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Clutch

A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Clutch, Shoes, and Bouquet

A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Bridal Party in Robes

A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Flip Flops

A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Bridal Party

A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Bride Walking Down Stairs

A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Groom about to see Bride

A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Bride and Groom Outside A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-First Look at Bride A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Bride Reveal A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-First Look at Bride A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Groom Smiling at Bride A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Bride and Groom Embrace A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Bride and Groom Smiling A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Couple Holds Hands A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Bride on Outdoor Staircase A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Close up of Bride Smiling A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Drinks A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Bridal Party Cheers A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Bridal Party Posing A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Bride's Bouquet A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Save the Date A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Wedding Ceremony A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Exchanging of Rings A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- First Kiss as Married Couple A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Wedding Party and First Kiss A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Couple Walking down the Aisle A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Bride and Groom Pose A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Groom Holds Bride's Train A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Centrepieces A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Place Settings A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Wedding Cake A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Cake and Flowers A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto- Cocktail Sign A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-First Dance A-Romantic-Pink-Filled-Wedding-At-The-Four-Seasons-Hotel-In-Toronto-Couple Dancing


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