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Photos From The (Other) Wedding Everyone’s Been Talking About


Last week we told you about the Ontario wedding video that went viral on YouTube because the whole event was a surprise to the bride. Well, if you loved watching the video footage of what the groom called “Operation White Cake” you’ll adore the details captured in these photos from that same event.

Photography courtesy Dana Marchand Photography (

About the couple

Bride: Colleen Freker

Groom: Shawn Lippert

Wedding date: August 13, 2011

Guests: 200

Their wedding day: Colleen got the surprise of a lifetime when her boyfriend of seven years, Shawn, proposed on-camera and asked her to marry him on-the-spot, revealing the fact that everything and everyone she’d want at her wedding was already waiting at the venue for her to say “yes”. The couple had originally planned to elope to Las Vegas in September and surprise family and friends when they returned home as a married couple, but Shawn decided to plan a surprise ceremony instead. He spent a year ironing out all the details, gathering information from his girlfriend piece by piece on what she’d ideally want at her wedding. He even moved Colleen’s entire bedroom to the wedding venue so that’s she’d have everything she needed on her big day. All of the guests, including the bridesmaids, groomsmen and Colleen’s hairdresser, were in on the secret.

The couple was married in Tecumseh, Ontario on August 13, 2011.

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