A Romantic, Non-Traditional Wedding

a modern romantic wedding in toronto - bride and groom

When it comes to getting married, a lavish affair with a 200-plus guest list isn’t for everyone. Just ask Scarlet O’Neill and Anthony Carone, who didn’t even tell guests where they were getting married until the day of the event. “We wanted to make our own choices and traditions,” Scarlet explains. “We didn’t do things because you are ‘supposed’ to, and we were lucky to plan a wedding where only the two of us made all the choices.”

Being a photographer, Scarlet wanted her wedding to be unlike anything she’d ever photographed. With Anthony being from an Italian background “that has the biggest of weddings,” and always performing in front of a large audience with his band, Arkells, the couple agreed something small and intimate would suit them best. “It was a good thing too, because we would have never pulled off our secret ceremony in a Toronto park where you’re not allowed to get married!” Scarlet discloses with a laugh.

The pair started their wedding day in an unconventional way by spending the morning together. “We wake up together every morning, so it was important for us to do this,” Scarlet says. “We stayed overnight at The Drake Hotel, which is near our condo and feels like a second home.” The couple lingered over breakfast before taking a walk in their neighbourhood.

They chose to get ready side by side, just the two of them. “Anthony hung out with me while I got my makeup done. Then we got dressed together and the photographer arrived,” Scarlet recalls. “Anthony zipped up my dress, we turned to face each other and that was our first look.”

After taking photos in parts of Toronto that held special memories for them, the couple returned to the hotel where their family awaited, and signed the marriage certificate over champagne. From there, Scarlet and Anthony went to pick up their dog while their family boarded a bus to take them to the ceremony venue.

“A ukulele greeted them once they were all there, and began ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love,’” Scarlet reveals with a smile. “Then the most exciting moment—Anthony and I came around the pond and trees, and walked down the makeshift aisle together with our dog, Lucy.”

“We chose to walk down the aisle hand in hand, because to us it symbolized being partners and how we wanted to start our marriage,” Scarlet explains.

Another detail Scarlet loved was Lucy’s flower crown, which matched her own. “Lucy wasn’t super into it, but I loved it for the both of us!” she admits.

After a short, sweet ceremony and a shower of confetti as the couple shared their first kiss, guests got back on the bus and made their way to the Terroni restaurant on Queen Street, while Scarlet and Anthony used their own car to drop off Lucy at home. “Anthony had written ‘Just Married’ on the back window, and we had old-school soup cans hanging out the back as we drove to the restaurant,” Scarlet divulges.

At Terroni, the newlyweds shared an Italian meal with their favourite people—a moment the couple will never forget. “It was the most intimate and love-filled evening,” Scarlet affirms. “There is nothing I would have changed—it was perfect.”

Scarlet O’Neill and Anthony Carone, May 28, 2016, Toronto, Ontario.

Photography courtesy of Nessa K Photography.

Reception venue: Terroni
Bridal gown: Rue de Seine from LoversLand
Groom’s tux: Sydney’s
Wedding planner: Ashley Lindzon
Flowers: Tellie Hunt (Hunt & Gather) for Coriander Girl
Stationery: The Lettering Studio
Pie and dessert: Bake Shoppe
Hair and makeup: Ashley Readings
Favours: Bake Shoppe