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McDonald’s As Your Late Night Wedding Caterer? We’re Lovin’ It!

  |  By Weddingbells

Here at Weddingbells, we love a good dance party. At a reception, long after the speeches are given and the food is served, more memorable moments are made as you dance with friends and family to amazing music. But with all that dancing, your guests are going to need to recharge at the end of the night. Where should you turn for the proper fuel?

Did you know most McDonald’s Canada restaurants can cater late night food for weddings? In fact, the vast majority (90%) of McDonald’s Canada franchisees consider themselves part-time wedding caterers, so instead of crashing a nearby restaurant at the end of the night, bring the food straight to your guests for a delicious late night treat. Brides and grooms can contact their local restaurant* and order ahead for classic favourites like cheeseburgers, hamburgers, McDoubles and Chicken McNuggets. Guests can enjoy an energy boost from the food and then head back onto the dance floor.


“We love being a part of big life moments and celebrations with our guests,” says Andre Hu-A-Kam, a local Toronto McDonald’s Canada franchisee, who caters late night food to over 10 weddings a year. “The best part of delivering McDonald’s to brides and grooms is seeing the smiles light up on their guests faces when they see the food arrive.”

Weddingbells recently teamed up with McDonald's to bring the late-night service to a Toronto couple’s wedding. Jess Gold and her groom, Matt, held their wedding in the Crystal Ballroom at the Omni King Edward on April 29th. For them, having the McDonald's late-night food was the cherry on top of a fantastic day.

“McDonald's was the perfect nostalgic touch,” Jess shares. “There is nothing better than dancing to “Proud Mary” with your friends with a McDonald’s burger in hand!”

The couple’s friends and family immediately made a beeline for the table, making their way from the packed dance-floor to the table laden with burgers and McNuggets.

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This article was originally published on May 24, 2018

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