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A Gorgeous Spring Garden Wedding In Vancouver

  |   By Kelsey Nowlan

Lulu and Thomas started out as childhood friends, and then dated for eight years before finally tying the knot. However, Thomas’ first attempt at popping the big question didn’t go as planned. “She had no idea what was happening and kept interrupting me while I was trying to propose,” Thomas laughs. The second time around, he took a different approach. “I slipped the ring on Lulu’s hand while she was sleeping. It was simple but it worked!”  

For their big day, the bride and groom held their ceremony in the rose garden at Stanley Park. They exchanged vows while surrounded by an array of pink and white flowers. “Rose pink is my favourite colour, so I wanted it incorporated throughout my wedding,” Lulu says. “The flowers were just what I imagined. It was like a fairy-tale.”

Lulu and Thomas’ wedding had a romantic feel, with hints of gold adding a modern touch. Traditional elements were incorporated as well. “I had two wedding dresses,” Lulu says. “ One was white and the other was a traditional red. Both were so classic and feminine. I felt amazing in them.”

The couple will always cherish the special moments they shared with their families on their wedding day, such as the first look with Lulu and her parents, and Thomas’ father walking Lulu down the aisle. “These moments are not just for us as a couple, but for us to share as a family,” the bride and groom explain. “Our parents have sacrificed so much for these exact moments to happen, for us to leave the nest and start our new life together.”

The newlyweds shared their first dance to the song "Canon" by Canadian Brass, an old favourite of the groom from when he was in his high school band. Lulu and Thomas had a first dance with their parents as well. “The feeling we had during these dances is hard to put down in words,” the couple describes. “It was a really magical feeling.”

Lulu Huang and Thomas Zhong, May 26, 2018, Vancouver, British Columbia.

Photography courtesy of Beige Weddings.

Ceremony venue: Stanley Park
Reception venue: Trump International Hotel
Wedding planner: WeDo Weddings Etc.
Bridal gown: We Couture
Flowers: Balconi Floral Design Studio Inc.
Caterer: Trump International Hotel
Hair and makeup: Elsa Hsu

A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Written Vows A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Shoes and Rings A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC-Bowls and Chopsticks A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC-Bride getting Makeup done A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bridal Party A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC-Bride in Red Dress A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC-Dress Reveal to Parents A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride with Parents A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride with Veil A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Dress Reveal with Groom A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC-Groom with Flowers A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride and Groom before Wedding A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride and Groom Embrace A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride and Groom on Staircase A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride and Groom Lakeside A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride, Groom, and Car A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride and Groom in Front of Car A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride with Groom getting out of Car A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Wedding Welcome Sign A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Wedding Aisle A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Ceremony Venue A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Aisle Flowers A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC-The Altar A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride and Dad Walking down Aisle A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride being Given Away A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Wedding Ceremony A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride and Groom Walking down Aisle A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Leaving the Altar A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Groom Showing off Ring A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Bride at Altar A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Centrepieces A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Place Settings A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Reception Venue A-Rose-Garden-Wedding-In-Vancouver-BC- Wedding Cake


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