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Today’s post is really special to me as I am featuring one of the cutest weddings I’ve seen all year. Recent bride Marsha Sunderland e-mailed me a few days ago with these gorgeous photos taken by Lucid Imaging, and I literally gasped when I saw how pretty and charming it was. Normally, I would send this through to be a real wedding of the week, but I’m an impatient person and I felt the need to share with you their beautiful day ASAP. To give you a brief introduction, here is what Marsha e-mailed me:

We wanted our wedding to be a real down home party, filled with family and friends, and a ton of fun and rustic country details. So when it came time to choose a venue, while the brand new club house at a course in town was stunning, we knew that the quaint, restored farm house turned fruit winery would be much more “us” – so we went for it! And as you’ll see from the pictures, in the end, we couldn’t have found a more perfect setting for our laid back country wedding. Everything from the invitations, to the small country church, to the homemade strawberry jam favours (we made ourselves), to the ford pick-up we arrived in, and the barn dance really reflected this.

And, words can’t describe how their day unfolded so I’ll just post the photos and let the pictures tell the story:

















2 comments on “East Coast Celebration
  1. Nicole says:

    This wedding is absolutely charming!

    I am from Moncton, NB and currently looking for a venue for my wedding for next summer and this seems to be exactly the type of thing I am looking for. Do we happen to know what is the name of the reception venue?

  2. Bev Park says:

    All I can say is Simply Beautiful!!

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