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An Ethereal Island Wedding Shoot

island styled wedding shoot - bride and groom on island

island styled wedding shoot- bride and groom on island

“This is a shoot on a tiny island in Victoria’s harbour that I have been wanting to do for years,” explains photographer Kelsey Goodwin from KGOODPHOTO. The time that Goodwin put into conceptualizing this project definitely shows through in each image’s artful composition. The island shots are breathtaking and have a mysterious allure that are entirely otherworldly.

To bring her artistic vision to life, Goodwin called upon a couple whose wedding she had recently shot. “Luckily, a former bride and groom of mine were brave enough to canoe over to the island for me and freeze their butts off over there while I grabbed my visualized shot from a nearby foot bridge,” she explains. “My assistant was on the island igniting white paintball smoke grenades to create ‘fog’ to enhance the mystery,” she adds. The dreamy images that resulted from this photo shoot perfectly capture the enchanting beauty of Canada’s west coast.

Photography courtesy of Kelsey Goodwin from KGOODPHOTO.

Location: Private residence and Halkett Island in Victoria, British Columbia
Bridal gown: Model’s own
Groom’s suit: Model’s own
Hair: Donna Dyer from Fish Hair Salon
Makeup: Sonia’s Artistry
Flowers: Sarah Hughes from Fresh View Events

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