A Rustic, Winery-Themed Wedding in Edmonton, Alberta

Bride and Groom

Danielle and Steve were coworkers when they first met.  Although they saw each other in the hallways once in a while, it was never more than a passing ‘hello.’  It wasn’t until their work Christmas party that they really got to get to know each other, Danielle admits. “We started talking more about family, values, and personal interests.  It sparked a new fascination for each other, and willingness to know more about each other,” she explains. They continued quietly passing each other in the hallways until Danielle accepted a job in Calgary.  When she moved there, she emailed Steve to ask if she could pick his brain about work-related matters. “He quickly responded to my email and that weekend we had our first official ‘date’ with no mention of work at all,” says Danielle. “After each date that followed, I was left wanting to know more about this incredible man. He was intelligent, handsome, driven, successful, funny, and interesting; the list goes on. It was the beginning of something amazing.”

The couple started talking about marriage within the first four months of dating. “The relationship we had was electrifying like nothing I had ever felt before and brought the word ‘love’ to a whole new level, one I never thought possible.”  They were so seriously considering marriage that every special occasion, Danielle would doll herself up thinking that he would propose. After several false alarms, she stopped getting her hopes up. Then, during a trip to Lake Louise for a weekend of snowboarding, Steve started joking about proposing by insisting, “you have me half way to being on one knee.” Danielle laughed it off as a joke, and they continued on their day. A little later that day he restated, “you have me on one knee, half way to a proposal,” but she thought nothing of it still. Finally, that evening they went to dinner overlooking Lake Louise and Danielle describes it as being nothing less than perfect. “After dinner, we took a nice romantic walk along the lake. It was dark, there was no wind, the trees were still, the weather warm and large snowflakes began to fall—it was a scene from a movie. We stopped to share a few kisses, laughs and hugs then, few minutes later, Steve stopped me and asked me if this day could be more perfect. Before I knew it, he dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him.”

For their big day the couple wanted a rustic, natural feel. With lovely hanging branches, terrarium centrepieces and candlelight, Edmonton’s Croation Soccer Centre Quonset was transformed to resemble a rustic winery. Guests were gifted with wine bottle stoppers as well as salted almond and dark chocolate bark as an ode to wine and chocolate pairings. The bride admits that her venue was her favourite wedding detail. “The quonset was lit up beautifully, designed spectacularly and provided that ‘unique’ feel that we were both looking for,” says Danielle.

Danielle Hook and Steve Kovacic, October 6, 2012, Edmonton, Alberta. 

Photography courtesy of Just For You Photography.

Ceremony location: St. John Bosco Parish
Reception location: Edmonton Croatia Soccer Club Quonset
Groom’s attire: Hugo Boss from Henry Singer
Caterer: Elizabethan Catering Services
Wedding planner: Jordan Bloom of Atmosphere Events
Music: DJ Dan Sinclair of Baseline Event Services
Flowers: Fabloomosity
Family friend, Elise Neeland (780-660-6643)

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