DIY Advice From Our Craftiest Real Wedding Brides

DIY advice from real wedding brides - terrarium centrepiece
DIYs can take more time than you think. For Yoorim, it took a total of 216 hours to craft the pieces. It also took an immense amount of trial-and-error creating a process and prototypes. "I watched so many YouTube videos," Yoorim says. "I even went to an auto windshield shop and asked them to teach me how to cut glass. I made really bad prototypes and even burnt my hair! But weeks later I was able to refine the prototypes and make presentable items." As seen in A Classic Wedding With Modern Details In Calgary.

First, a disclaimer: DIY wedding details aren’t always associated with cost-savings. In fact, some of them can actually add to the overall cost of your wedding. However, when properly executed, handmade touches can really personalize your party in the most special and memorable way.

We spoke with a few of our recent real wedding brides who rose to the challenge of crafting awesome decor pieces for their big days. We asked them to reflect post-wedding on their DIY experiences and offer advice to future brides who are looking to take on crafting projects for their own celebrations. Scroll through this gallery to meet some of our craftiest brides and learn about how they created their signature DIY wedding details.

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