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4 Wedding Budget Myths Debunked

  |  By Nicole Ballantyne-Choo

Photo courtesy of iStock Photo

There are plenty of ways to cut costs on your wedding day. Trimming the guest list is one of the easiest ways, especially if you’re having a formal sit-down dinner. On the other-hand, there are a few wedding budgeting ideas that may be more fiction than fact. Here are four common budget mistakes worth reading about.

MYTH: Destination weddings will always be more budget-friendly.

FACT: If you are having a more intimate ceremony, that may be true. However, when you factor in the costs of flights, hotel accommodations, food, shipping of favours and extracurricular activities for guests–you may find your budget increasing. Have a destination wedding because you want to, not because you believe the cost is less.

MYTH: You can DIY your entire celebration to save costs.

FACT: There are plenty of DIY projects out there to help keep your budget down such as making your own favours or centrepieces. It's the bigger things, such as making your own cake or creating your own gown (unless you're a major baker or a seamstress), that should be left to the pros. Materials can be costly and hours of labour to create such huge projects can add to the stress. If it’s personalization that you’re worried about, vendors can make your wedding unique with custom ideas (and the added bonus of less stress).

MYTH: Buffets over sit-down dinners will keep your budget down.

FACT: Food is one of the fastest ways to eat up your budget. A three-course meal only requires you to buy as much food as the number of guests attending. When people hear the word buffet their eyes become bigger than their stomachs, which means a constant flow of food is required. Buffets also suggest a variety of food, which can also cost more than one set meal for everyone.

MYTH: It’s always more cost-effective for the groom and his men to rent tuxedos rather than buy them.

FACT: Depending on the suit and how many pieces (especially if you’re aiming for uniformity) renting shoes, ties, jackets, vests and pants can add up. Be sure to shop around, some stores will offer significant discounts for a group of suits bought together. And, obviously, if your guys buy their suits they'll be able to use them for future formal occasions.

This article was originally published on Apr 07, 2014

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