10 Ridiculous Wedding Myths Exposed


Rainy Wedding Day

The wedding world is rife with superstitions — many of which are totally unfounded, not to mention outdated. Wedding myths range from just plain silly (guests must cough up a wedding gift equal to the value of their meal) to utterly ridiculous (all May weddings are doomed). While we would never advocate doing away with tradition entirely, we do think it’s prudent to highlight some of the more ridiculous wedding myths out there that really do not apply to modern unions.

We appealed to Victoria-based wedding planner Barb Raymond from French Kiss Events and Toronto-based planner Fidan Ismayilova from Designed Dream Wedding Planning to help us highlight some popular wedding myths.

Whether you’re secretly superstitious or a total non-believer, remember that the only traditions you actually need to work into your big day are those that are meaningful to you. “The most important thing to remember is that it is your wedding, and other than saying those legal vows to one another, anything and everything is possible,” says Reynolds.

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