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Wedding Cake Design Classes Continue

  |   By Stephanie Gray

{In this photo eager students are ready to create; styro cake dummies have been chosen to match their sketches.}

It's the second day of Week 2 of Bonnie Gordon's Wedding Cake Design classes at her school. Last week she shared some gorgeous confections created by her students, starting from the bare bones to the finished creations. Today Bonnie wanted to share with us how an idea is conceived and where inspiration comes from. It's great practice for the students who may just encounter a bride who wants a cake to be inspired by her own gown! This is what Bonnie had to say:

{Sher-Lee Gordon Wedding Gown}

"People ask about the difference between cake decorators and  designers which reminds me of my mom, a brilliant wedding gown designer. I grew up surrounded by gorgeous fabrics, fantasy gowns  and happy brides. I have some photos of my mom's creations from the 50's and 60's which I'd love to share.

Mom would cringe if some poor soul referred to her as a dressmaker, certainly an honourable profession, but the artist in her rebelled. We create, set new trends, create the 'look' for the coming season.

How do you teach design to eager students? We start with a concept, a fabric, a pattern, something which sparks our imagination."

{My mom's gowns were the star attraction at Montreal weddings.}

This article was originally published on Oct 19, 2010

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