Wedding Bouquets Inspired By New Fragrances

wedding bouquets inspired by these new fragrances - jason wu eau de parfum

There is nothing like scent to take you back to a particular moment in time. This is exactly why wedding-day fragrances are so important and why many brides take to creating custom fragrances for their special days. There are also obviously some exquisite perfumes on the market today, made by coveted and beloved designers, that are perfect for brides.

We can’t forget that perfumes aren’t the only wedding-day detail that smell terrific–flowers, especially the bouquet, can have a lovely aroma as well. We enlisted Toronto-based florist Pistil Flowers to create stunning bouquets that look and smell as delightful as the fragrances they are inspired by. We encourage brides to do the same–pick a wedding-day fragrance and match it to your bouquet. As you walk down the aisle you’ll be enveloped in a lovely perfume that will live on in your scent memory for years to come.

Photography by Hamin Lee. All bouquets, Pistil Flowers. Off-figure styling, Christine Brant, Plutino Group.

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