Important Wedding Fragrance Tips From A Perfume Designer

Important Wedding Fragrance Tips from a Perfume Designer

Eau Contemporaine is available at Simons on May 4.

Here at Weddingbells, we know just how important it is to find the perfect perfume for your special day. Although often overlooked, picking the ideal scent is just as crucial as selecting your shoes or accessories. The nose remembers–and spritizing that special scent will bring back memories of your wedding day, whether you choose to wear it over and over again or save it for special occasions.

We recently chatted with the model-turned-fragrance designer Ruby Brown (who once modelled for Weddingbells!), whose latest project is collaborating with Simons to create the department store’s first perfume line, Eau Contemporaine. She’s also worked with countless brides to create custom wedding-day fragrances. Brown filled us in on how to go about finding a signature wedding scent, why it’s important and what fragrance she envisions wearing on her special day.

Weddingbells: Why is having a wedding day scent necessary?

Ruby Brown: Scent is such an intimate sense, and it creates memories of your big day. Every time you spray the scent it’ll bring you back to that day.

WB: Do you have any advice for brides when it comes to picking a wedding day fragrance?

RB: You definitely need to try it out prior to the big day and you have to feel confident in everything that you pick out. Try to go with something in the same scent family as the perfume you normally wear if you’re picking a special fragrance. If you usually wear citrus scents, stick with citrus. If you wear floral scents, choose a floral perfume.

WB: Out of the entire Eau Contemporaine line, which do you think brides will gravitate toward?

RB: I would say Soie, because Soie evokes the sensuality of a silk dress. Soie for me says bridal, and sensual, you want to feel sexy on your big day, you want to feel confident.

WB: Where are the most important places to spray your perfume to ensure it lasts all day?

RB: Generally, your pulse points: Behind your ears, behind your knees, in the inner part of your elbow. If you have sensitive skin, you can always spray it on your clothes (but avoid spraying it on spandex, polyester.) I always do about four spritzes. You can even spray it in your hair!

WB: You recently got engaged yourself. What fragrance will you be wearing on your special day?

RB: It depends on when the wedding will take place–if it happens this year, I’ll definitely be wearing Lin from the Eau Contemporaine line, otherwise I’ll probably mix myself a custom scent. But as you can see from the line, I’m a big fan of bergamot! It just puts you in such a great mood. It is now scientifically proven that citrus puts you in a happy mood, so there’s a reason we had to use bergamot orange in the line.