The One Thing No Bride Should Ever Forget



After weeks of agonizing over cake toppers, seating charts and whether or not you should opt for drone photography, it’s easy to temporarily lose sight of the most important element of your wedding — the people who will be there to share the day with you. Ask any married person what the most memorable moment of their wedding day was (other than the “I dos”) and they’ll inevitably tell you it was walking into their ceremony space and seeing every person they cherish in the same room together looking back at them.

These days, the sense of community that comes from a wedding gathering extends far beyond the walls of a couple’s chosen venue. With the rise in popularity of live-streaming, social media hashtags and clever wedding-focused photo sharing apps, even loved ones half way around the word can share in this important life event from afar. Video chatting software platforms such as Skype and FaceTime have even made it possible for guests to actually participate in special events they can’t be at in person (this bride famously incorporated an “iPad bridesmaid” into her wedding party).

It’s not news that web has entirely changed the scope of modern weddings, from the planning to the execution; but as celebrations continue to evolve there’s one thing that will remain constant — the importance of the people in attendance.

So, instead of worrying yourself over whether or not the centrepieces will photograph well or the monogrammed chocolates will be a hit, turn your attention to the special people supporting you on your big day, the love you’re surrounded with, and the memories you’ll make together. After all, once the flowers have wilted and the favours have been devoured, these memories will be the invaluable treasures you’ll want to hang on to for a lifetime.

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