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Fun Ways To Get Techie On Your Wedding Day

  |  By Laura Downs

Technology has made wedding planning even easier with mobile apps, tools and websites. But, wedding tech is not just limited to the planning stage. Many couples are using technology to share their wedding moments as they happen with their guests and the online world. Devices like iPads, smart phones and digital cameras are also adding an interactive touch. We’ve compiled eight of the neatest ways to add technology to your wedding:

1. Stream your wedding live
Skype is a great way to connect with people around the world on the cheap. If a loved one can’t make it to the wedding, video call them or have them watch the proceedings online via live stream. Many destination wedding venues now have video-streaming capability, so you can easily broadcast your wedding.

2. Planning apps and websites Forget Excel spreadsheets. There are hundreds of apps out there for download that will let you organize, plan and gather inspiration. From budgeting tools to music playlist creators to seating charts, you can keep all of your wedding info at your fingertips.

3. QR code invitations Instead of waiting weeks for an RSVP, let your guests respond instantly with a QR code invitation. QR codes – short for “quick response”– are barcodes that store data that can be read by smartphones. Having one on your invitation can instantly direct guests to your wedding website, maps, directions and even add the date to their calendars. Add a QR code to table number cards and let guests browse online photo albums or videos.

4. Posting your wedding in real time Instead of turning off their phones during the proceedings, many couples are choosing to keep them on and sometimes use them during the wedding for in-the-moment selfies and live-tweeting of vows (seriously)! Some couples have even changed their Facebook statuses right at the altar. Wedding hashtags guests can use for Instagram and Twitter have become a mainstay at many modern weddings but some couples are also opting to designate one guest a “tweet of honour” -- this person is responsible for posting real-time updates throughout the day.

5. Using iPads In Denver, Colorado, a bridesmaid couldn’t make it to her best friend’s wedding, so a groomsman “carried” her down the aisle via an iPad. She got to be a part of the ceremony and even mingle with guests from 1,600 miles away. Some couples also use iPads at the altar to read off their wedding vows. The new iPad mini is even small enough to fit into your wedding clutch!

6. Instant photos with photo booths The newest trend in photo booths is instant photos. Vancouver-based Flipbook offers each guest a photo flipbook of their photo booth pictures, which are printed out in less than a minute. Many other photo booth services offer instant Polaroids or printouts as a keepsake for your guests.

7. Digital guest books One digital service, Thrilled for You, lets you download a kiosk software program on your computer to let guests record personal wishes. You can also rent a video booth, similar to a photo booth, so guests can record personal messages. Some companies will even compile the raw videos into a montage DVD on the spot. sends you a box of digital cameras, then compiles all of the photos and videos onto a sharing website.

8. Digital frames Digital frames are a neat way to display photos at your guestbook table. Companies like 3D can can even create a digital 3D album of your wedding or engagement photos!

This article was originally published on Feb 27, 2014

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