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Scenting Your Wedding: Why Your Party Should Smell As Amazing As It Looks

  |   By Alison McGill
Toronto-based stylist Talia Brown Thall and husband Nelson Thall scented their wedding at the King Edward Hotel with Jo Malone London's Orange Blossom and Wood Sage & Sea Salt fragrances. Photography courtesy of George Pimantel.

Choosing a signature fragrance for you and your groom for your wedding day is essential but have you ever thought about scent as a complete concept for your day? Scenting your wedding is a very cool and fashionable idea from Jo Malone London that encompasses both you and your wedding environment.

Toronto-based stylist Talia Brown Thall did Jo Malone London scenting for her wedding day (her real wedding is featured in our Fall & Winter 2019 issue, see it here) and says it was one of her favourite parts of the day. “Scent creates powerful memories and I believe plays a key role in the mood of an event,” she explains. “I am a long time fan of Jo Malone London Orange Blossom Cologne and wanted this signature scent to be a part of our day. We combined the scent with Wood Sage & Sea Salt and infused our wedding space with the fragrance via hand lotion and soaps in powder rooms as well as candles throughout the venue.”

Jo Malone London Cologne in Orange Blossom, $184 for 100ml.

We spoke to Joe Dovizio, field executive training manager for Jo Malone London and La Mer to learn a more about the specifics of scenting your wedding. Here he shares the scoop!

Can you explain the idea of scenting your wedding? “Scenting your wedding is a very personal experience. Adding scent to your wedding brings a nuance throughout the event, it defines the atmosphere and creates a highly personal tone throughout the day. Through the art of Jo Malone London’s Fragrance Combining a couple can bring a custom scent into many aspects of their special day: the creation of a bespoke scent for the bride, her bridal party, the groom and groomsmen. In addition to this, a couple can add surround scent in their wedding venue via candles, diffusers, room sprays and linen sprays as well as custom fragrance gifts for the bridal party.”

How does this aromatic process begin? “Brides and grooms start by booking complimentary session at the Jo Malone London counter for a bespoke bridal consultation. The bride will meet with a consultant who will work with her to develop her ideal scent keeping in mind the venue (especially if it is an outdoor wedding). This typically consists of selecting the first scent either in cologne or in a body crème–the latter is a lovely way to incorporate scent subtlety before layering on her second scent in cologne. These two fragrances together will make up her bespoke scent. From there, similar scents for the bridesmaids could be selected (such as using same Body Crème but adding in different cologne so the bride is unique). The groom scent can also be selected at this point, which is usually something complementary to the bride. Lastly, the couple will select fragrant items to scent the wedding venue, often selecting one or both of the two scents that comprise their bespoke bridal scent.”

Jo Malone London Scented Candle in English Pear & Freesia, $184 for 100ml.

Why do you think adding a signature scent adds an extra-special element to a wedding day? “Scenting your wedding is a lovely way to create something distinctive personalized to your wedding day and tailored to your taste. To be enveloped in a scent you adore adds a thoughtful element to your wedding day. The scent of your wedding will always evoke sweet reminders of your special day any time you smell it in the future!”


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