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Neat Ways To Number Your Tables

  |  By Laura Downs
Neat Ways To Number Your Tables

So your guests have arrived and successfully located their names on the seating charts you spent many hours poring over. Table numbers let them navigate your wedding reception space to find their spots, so point them in the right direction with panache.

Get creative with typography, holders, and cards that show your personality or further your theme or colour scheme. These neat table number ideas use everything from recycled materials to patterned paper to embroidered fabric.


Antique spoons for a vintage vibe

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of Hammerman.

Don't cause a stir right at the top of the agenda—use clearly legible spoons as table numbers!

These antique spoons could be placed in a jar or bottle or laid down flat on the table for an old-timey touch. Opt for wooden spoons for a more rustic feel. You could also have an on-theme image laser engraved on the spoon.


Bold candle holders are a bright idea

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables

Prevent your guests from pottering about aimlessly with these hard-to-miss bisque vine-patterned numbers from BHLDN.

They're ceramic, and the neutral colour makes them a good fit for various themes. They're also candle holders—perfect for adding some ambiance with lit tapers during day or nighttime functions.


Doily decor on point

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of EL Detail.

Paste a doily or patterned paper number onto a wooden plaque for a soft, vintage feel. The intricate details on doilies are feminine and almost wedding-cake-like. They're a pretty addition to classic wedding decor and can work for winter wonderland themes.

Round out the look with delicate florals in pastels and white.


Book a table for seven

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of Craft Lovely.

These table numbers, made from recycled books and paper, would please any literature lover...provided you aren't butchering prized first editions!

Style the books as open, standing hardbacks or as closed, stacked tomes with a number card on the top. Swap out "table" for "chapter" for a playful flourish.


Revel in rusticity

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of Eat Drink Chic.

Tree rings represent commitment and growth through good and bad seasons, just as wedding rings should.

Use decal transfer paper to print numbers onto the concentric circles of a tree trunk segment. You'll be including a pastoral accent with deep symbolism.


Keep it simple

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of Merriment Events.

Keep it simple, silly (KISS). You'll want to plant a smooch on your significant other when you realize that seat or table numbers can be as straightforward as incorporating white frames — like this one from Ikea ÿ  with eye-catching candy-coloured stationery.


Just your cup of tea

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables

These Anthropologie numerical teacups would work for any stylish tea party and make fabulous wedding table pieces. They're not a serving suggestion for spoonfuls of sugar, but they sure are sweet.

Teapots work too, and you can fill your china with short stem flowers.


Stick to your guns

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of Three Potato Four.

You can convey subtle messages with fonts and typography, and these details often maketh the occasion.

Source peel-and-stick decals that go with your setting and motifs. Pop them on milk bottle glass carafes, slate squares, number holder cards, etc.


A tasty little number

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photography by Love and Olive Oil.

This has got to be one of our favs. Why not lead your guests to their tables with food?

This stenciled cake option means you won't have to worry about the logistics of getting slices from a single ginormous gateau to everyone at your shindig, or what to do with the leftover table numbers — there won't be any, obviously.


Chalk it up to chemistry

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of The All-in-One Wedding Shop.

For another simple option, write your table numbers onto mini chalkboards or cards. Use stencils if you don't trust your calligraphy abilities, and the boards will look uniform and professional.

Prop your signs up on sticks. and incorporate them into your centrepieces.


Everyone's favourite vintage

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photography by Jenna Marie Photo.

Want a more grown-up take on the milk bottle carafe? Add graphic numbers to the labels or glass on recycled wine bottles.

Your guest may stumble about due to libations by the end of the day, but table number wine bottles ensure they get to their seats promptly and properly when the party starts.


Boxed in

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables

If you're including floral arrangements as centrepieces, then consider using open cubes to house them. Boxes give you four sides to stick numbers on for premium scoping purposes, and you can fill them with just about anything!

You could even encourage guests to write notes for the couple and leave them in the box.


"Wood" everyone take their seats

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photography by JL Designs.

These table numbers are made from pieces of wood to complement burlap table runners and vintage glass. The wood pieces are lying flat here and have deep grooves for the secure placement of table number cards.

This is unfussy but effective decor when you'd rather spend your moola on building a life together.


Nombre un idée

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of Paper Girl Studios.

These French-style table numbers with a distressed vintage feel evoke 19th and 20th century Europe and would work in classic brown or black frames.

Francophiles may pepper their decor with the Arc de Triomphe or Eiffel tower.


A record number of guests

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photography by Amber Housley Events.

Are you and your partner music lovers? You're going to love this one. Use old records to display your table numbers.

Your guests will be ready to rock and roll, and you can pretend you've just won a Grammy for wedding of the year.


Cottagecore countdown

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photography by Beth Helmstetter Events.

Could you get more quaint? Hop aboard this romantic trend with a modern take on the handmade farm style.

Use embroidery hoops to display fabrics in your favourite colours and patterns for charming table numbers.


Find your station(ery)

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Many wedding planners choose to draw obvious links between stationery design and table numbers. For example, save the dates, digital invites, and letterpress printing on menus should connect aesthetically.

These details are by no means essential but they do add polish.


Burlap embroidery

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of YardieyK.

Embroider the table numbers for a cute DIY feel on each table. We quite like the contrast between organic hues and textures and the bold splash of colour.

You'll see it in many traditional baskets and arts and crafts that are full of character.


Muster then with mason jars

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of The Savvy Event.

Fill numbered mason jars with edible objects or stones, flowers, or sand. We're particularly partial to snacks, because they provide fuel for all manner of merriment, including dancing.

Whatever you do, don't have foodstuff in one jar and inorganic matter in another. The last thing you want is to have guests biting down on pebbles they thought were chocolates and cracking teeth!


Kitch and count

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photography by Carlo Mendoza.

Retro-classical designs allow you to infuse your reception with your quirks and passions. Breakfast at Tiffany's fan? Audrey Hepburn can inform guests that they've arrived at their table.

You and your future spouse can have fun with this table numbering option, and it's bound to be unique.


Count down memory lane

Neat Ways To Number Your Tables Photo courtesy of Katch Studios as seen in this real wedding.

Have each number represent a fun fact about your relationship, such as the day you met, the number of years you've been together, or the number of dates before your first kiss.

We guarantee an 'aww' or ten.

This article was originally published on Sep 16, 2014

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