How You Can Wedding Plan While Practicing Self-Care At Home

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Your wedding planning may be on hold, or you may have some alterations or adjustments to make due to rising Omicron cases, which can result in heightened stress — and lessened self-care. It’s easy to worry about the things that you can’t control while the pandemic is on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Take this opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself, or do small at-home tasks that will make your planning smoother down the line:

Give yourself a facial
At home facials are simple, and you can even do one with your spouse. Taking the time to use a face mask will freshen your skin and make you feel great.

Home manicures
While professional salons aren’t open you can still pamper yourself with an at home manicure. Practice your own nail techniques and try some unusual colours. Read more about DIY home manis here.

Experiment with your wedding cocktail options
If you love experimenting behind the bar try to create your own signature wedding cocktail. Experiment with your favourite drinks and enjoy taste testing some unique options that you’ll want to share on your wedding day.

Enjoy Movie Nights
Enjoy a sweet movie night with your significant other. Dust off your favourite classic or scroll through Netflix to find a new movie to enjoy. Pop some popcorn or enjoy your favorite snacks and turn it into an adorable at home date night. Here are some of our favourite moives to add to your watch list.

Skype your bridesmaids
Just because you can’t celebrate in person doesn’t mean you can’t chat with your bridal party. Enjoy a skype session with your loved ones to catch up and feel connected.

Set up your online registry
If you’re looking to get ahead on your planning you can set up an online registry. While your guests may not be shopping now this will help to get you ahead and keep you motivated.

Take a luxurious bath
Practice the art of self-care and take a long luxurious bath. Break out the bath bombs and relax and enjoy yourself. Read more about creating an indulgent bath ritual here.

Take Time To Meditate
If you’re feeling stressed take this time to try and take up meditation or yoga. This is great for your body and mind and you can also try this out with your partner to have a new shared activity. Read more about unplugging and being mindful here.

Plan your wedding website
Online wedding planning can still take place! If you’re hoping to get ahead on your wedding planning you can start setting up an online site for your guests. Develop your wedding hashtag and any other graphics that you’d like to share with your guests.

Create a gratitude list
Take some time for reflection on yourself and your life. Creating a gratitude list is great for your mental health and can help you to get some perspective on your own feelings.

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