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Why Bath Time Is The Simple Self-Care Ritual We All Need Now

  |  By Brittany Johnson

Photo by JGI/Jamie Grill/Getty Images.

If you haven’t upped your bath game lately, there’s never been a better time. You may have twigged in to the healing properties as you indulge in weekly Sunday soak but with added life stress, it’s time to up the game (we love a daily bath and humbly defer to Tom Ford and his four-baths-a-day regime as proof that the cool kids have always been hitting the tub). During anxious times (hello wedding planning and health pandemic!) a bath offers a simple, luxurious and mindful pause from the demands of life. Here’s how to big up your bath game.

Set The Mood With Good Lighting If you’re able to steal some time away during the day, it can be an invigorating feeling to let natural light pour into your bathing experience. However, if your selfcare time slot is more likely to happen in the evening, or at the end of your day, lighting a soothing scented candle or two can really set the Zen mood. Opt for the flameless variety if that suits you better.

Practice Pre-Soak Meditation An excellent way of bringing your mind and body into sync before you slide into the bath is to take a few deep belly breaths and focus on letting any tension in your body go. Something as simple as a few words of affirmation, a simple meditation, or a few slow and mindful stretches can bring your body and mind into a peaceful space as you enter into your luxurious, cleansing ritual. Do not bring your phone into the bath zone! Be mindful and in the moment. If you bring anything into the tub make it your bedside read of the mo.

Don't Forget To Inhale, Deeply During your tub time, as the warm water rolls over you, let the steam release your favorite relaxing scents by adding a few drops of your choice of essential oils to the tub as it fills. Another option is to set up a diffuser nearby. This way, if you are sensitive, you can breathe in your selected scents without having them affect your skin.

Make An Exit Plan Having your plushest towels, robe and slippers ready to surround you when you finish your bath beautifully rounds out your zen experience. Nothing comforts quite like wrapping yourself up in a soft, warm towel.

Brittany Johnson is a Canadian content creator, actress, and writer.  Vintage huntress and dog mom, when she is not working at a tech start-up, with a focus on lifting up the next generation of young women, she can be found in her bed with a facemask on, watching Nora Ephron movies on repeat.

This article was originally published on Feb 16, 2021

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