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How To Create Swoon-Worthy (And Budget Friendly) Wedding Ambiance

  |  By Brittany Johnson

All photography courtesy of Olive Photography.

You’ve booked your venue, said yes to the dress, and found a great caterer and photographer. Now how do you pull together a day to will represent the magic of your shared love? Lighting, music, decor, and scent are four little things that can make a world of difference.

Lighting can really create a mood—from soft and romantic to vibrant and lively, use lighting as a tool to accentuate different parts of the evening, as well as your decor and atmosphere. Create the kind of ambiance you want throughout the day and into the evening according to your scheduled events. Check to see if your venue has dimmers for their lights—practically any lighting can be put on a dimmer, so work with your planner or the venue team to adjust the lighting. Dim lighting for cocktails, have some brighter lights for dinner and use coloured lights or even a disco ball for when the DJ kicks the party into high gear. Different kinds of lights will contribute to your style and are a unique way to add to your day. GOBO lights are simply stencils that, when put over a spotlight, project your desired message or shape on the wall. These are great options because they are customizable, and you can project a meaningful phrase, your couples’ monogram, or different patterns on walls or even the dance floor! Also consider Edison bulbs, which work both indoors and outdoors to add mood. Hang them individually or grouped as pendants over table tops, or string them throughout for more of a bohemian feel. Lastly, if you want your lighting a little extra, a well-positioned chandelier or two can really bring the elegance without breaking the bank.

Sounds simple, but many people forget a wedding day is separated into several parts—ceremony, cocktails, reception—and each segment requires its own soundtrack. For all of these different moments, you want to decide what mood you want to create and music will help you do this. Whether it is one genre of music or a collection of songs from the same artist, music can transport you and your guests.

Today there are so many easy cost-friendly ways to amp up your wedding décor! Use your imagination (or tap into your wedding planner’s brilliant mind). Some fun décor tricks we are loving right now include adding Spanish moss to your chandeliers for a fairytale vibe or adding twinkle lights for a luxe, secret garden feel. Bold colour is a huge trend for 2020, so experiment with saturated shades on your table setting with your choice of chargers and napkins. More often than not these items are provided by your venue and if not, these are small, inexpensive items that will make a big impact.

Ever heard of the word “Scentscaping”? Your wedding should smell as beautiful as it looks. Use herbs and fragrant plants such as rosemary and lavender in your wedding florals to add a subtle scent. You can also incorporate scented candles or diffusers into your ceremony and reception space (read more about how to scent your wedding here).

Brittany Johnson is a Canadian content creator, actress, and writer.  Vintage huntress and dog mom, when she is not working at a tech start-up, with a focus on lifting up the next generation of young women, she can be found in her bed with a facemask on, watching Nora Ephron movies on repeat.


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