Creative Bunting Ideas for Your Wedding



Are you looking to spruce up your venue with some creative bunting ideas? We’ve searched high and low to find 10 fabulous and fun options that go far beyond the typical flag-shaped bunting. Whether hanging from the ceiling or decorating a dessert table, buntings can add pizazz to your ceremony or reception space. Plus, many of these creative bunting ideas are easy to make yourself (with a little help from your friends!). Buntings can also make for a great photo op. Why not craft a charming bunting with a personalized message for your and your new mister to hold? Phrases like “Just Married,” “Thank You” and “True Love” look great on a bunting.

Some creative bunting ideas involve supplies you can pick up at the dollar store (like cupcake liners and string), while others require a simple bunch of fresh flowers. If you’re an ambitious DIY bride, why not try making your own colourful pompoms and stringing them together? If you’re planning a vintage-inspired celebration, round up some antique doilies to create a lovely lace bunting. Likewise, fabric scraps in various patterns and colours can be used to craft a truly unique garland for your wedding.

Want more creative bunting ideas? Check out this inspiring roundup of bunting alternatives.

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