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10 Great Bunting Alternatives

  |  By Roseanne Dela Rosa

Not a fan of classic bunting, yet want a creative way to really transform that wedding venue into something unique and beautiful? Luckily, paper flags aren’t the only ways to spruce up your site.

Whatever your style, whether it’s a rustic DIY party or an elegant ballroom soiree, these ideas let you overhaul that celebratory rental so that it perfectly matches your taste on your upcoming wedding day.


Twinkle lights

Photography courtesy of Lisa Klassen from Prairie Lane Photography.

The easiest way to replace buntings? Twinkle lights! If you’re on a tight budget, ask some of your family or friends for any extra Christmas lights, or wait until after the holidays when plenty of ornaments go on sale.

From strings of tiny LED fairy lights to big, bold Edison bulbs, string lights are a great way to take a dark barn or dingy hall up several levels to downright magical.

As seen in this real wedding.


Pre-made paper pom poms

Papered Pom Set from BHLDN

Tissue paper pom poms come in every imaginable colour and a whole host of shapes, so you can get exactly the style that matches your wedding theme. String them far apart of a subtle touch of poof or pack them on for an oversized streamer effect.

Love the idea of paper pom poms but don’t have the time to make them? Have your pick of pretty papers at BHLDN.


Paper garlands

Fabric Garland from 100 Layer Cake

There is literally no end to the possibilities when it comes to decorating with fabric or paper strips. Colour, length, thickness, uniformity — all these options are completely up to you.

Create an entrance to remember with fabric garland in neutral shades of grey, yellow and white.


Glitter banners

Glitter Banner from Confetti Design Shop

If you're known for saying what you mean, why not embrace this trait and dangle words and letters from the walls or ceilings of your wedding space.

Personalize your party with creative words of love such as “xoxo” or you and your partner's monograms, all covered in glitter.


Hanging accouterments

Photography courtesy of Debra Eby Photography

Who says you have to stick to paper and fabric when you're dangling things about your wedding space?

Outdoor venues look chic when adorned with hanging vases, lanterns, or chandeliers. Play with length and layers to get just the aesthetic you want.


Paper hearts

Rainbow Garland from Paint Robot

What's better than hearts to surround you and your guests on your special day? Love is exactly what you're celebrating, after all!

Really highlight the event atmosphere by hanging colourful paper hearts around the room. Whether they're flat or three-dimensional, sparkly or subtle, this is the perfect opportunity for over-the-top garlands.


Paper parasols

Photography courtesy of Studio Iris Photography

Forget about garlands for a second — let's focus on the ceiling itself. Think paper parasols can only be used as outdoor props? Think again!

This creative bride had the brilliant idea of hanging them from her wedding venue's ceiling for a romantic touch that softens the lighting and gives a nod to Parisian cafes and Japanese gardens.


Confetti streamers

Confetti Streamers from Confetti System

Just like fabric or paper streamers, gathering strands together to create confetti tassels is an excellent way to add a bit of drama to your wedding day. Mix and match the colours or alternate the lengths to give the illusion of wandering through a fantasy land all your own.

We love these glittery, sparkling confetti streamers that range from gold to silver to coral.


Paper pinwheels

Crinkled Wheel Set from BHLDN

Cut and folded paper always looks whimsical and old-fashioned. Create your own paper pinwheels and use them however you see fit, from a bunch as a backdrop to the dessert table, to the centerpieces, to dangling from garlands above the guests' heads.


Extra-large balloons

Balloons from Geronimo Balloons

Balloons aren't just for children's birthday parties. But if you're going to take this playful approach with your wedding venue, why not go big? Order the largest balloons you can find (think 2 or 3 feet in diameter) in your wedding colours and positively fill the space with this over-the-top decor.

Not only will your wedding venue feel like something out of a dreamscape, but these happy helium additions make excellent photo booth props, too!

This article was originally published on Jul 27, 2012

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