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25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love

  |  By Savannah Demeter
25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love

The good news is single flower bouquets are trending this wedding season. The better news? They're a great way to cut costs without sacrificing the quality of your flowers. Not only that, but they're an attractive way to show off your favourite blossoms and to fill the entire venue with a luxe, all-natural aroma. Flowers have a way of leaving us breathless, especially when they bring out your personal taste.


Seasonal poinsettias

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Photo courtesy of D'Attoma Studios

Planning a winter wedding? Why not carry a bouquet of poinsettias? If red reminds you too much of Christmas, consider a white arrangement like the one above. Poinsettias symbolize cheer, success and community spirit, so you'll be walking with well wishes down the aisle. This bride sealed the deal with pearls, incorporating classic style into her special day. For more winter bouquet options, check out this post.


Tulips for true love

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Bouquet by Karen Tran Florals

A full tulip bouquet (which symbolizes eternal love) is perfect for a spring wedding. Meaning is everything, and with these beautiful blooms, you'll be telling a love story all your own.


A couple chrysanthemums

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Bouquet by Three Beans and Co

Because mums are so big, it only takes a few to make a bouquet look full (making them very cost-effective). These bold blooms symbolize good things regardless of where you are on the globe. In Asia, for instance, they represent life and rebirth, while in North America, they represent optimism, longevity, and good fortune. We love them all.


Beatify with brown

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Arrangement by Wedding Design Studios

If you're worried, a single flower arrangement will be too boring, consider dressing it up with twigs, like this bride from An Elegant Vancouver Wedding Inspired by Fantasy Novels. Twigs might seem completely unexpected in a wedding bouquet, but not a single one looks out of place in this arrangement. When worked in the right way, they help create a gorgeous display.


Don't forget dahlias

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Bouquet by Pumpkin Pink Cottage

Dahlias are a great idea if you're interested in a vibrant and feminine arrangement. Their breathtaking beauty is unmatched, and we love how this bride brought it all together with a pearl brooch. Romantic elements such as pearls, diamonds, and sparkles are a wise way to accessorize delicate dahlias.


Lovely lavender

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Photo courtesy of Emmaline Bride

A bouquet of lavender will add a dreamy feel to your ceremony. And once the party's over, the bouquet will save well and keep its scent for a long time. Lavender has so many wedding-appropriate meanings that it's practically destined for a place in your bouquet, such as devotion, serenity, and grace. See a stunning collection of floral trends here.


Summer sunshine

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by The Garden Gate

Sunflowers are bright, playful, and perfect for an arrangement at a rustic country wedding. Who doesn't want a little sunshine during this special occasion? It's smiles all around with this one, and we can see why. See more at A Quaint Country Wedding in Zurich, Ontario.


Luscious lilacs

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by Elizabeth Anne Designs

Lilac bouquets like this one smell great and look even better! We're loving how the bridesmaids' dresses coordinate with the flowers and how their bouquets are distinctly different from the bride's. Both varieties here are equally vibrant and filled with fragrance, so much so that we can smell the luxurious aroma from here.


Why not wear white?

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by My Bouquet

Eye-catching texture and a creamy white colour combine to make this peony bouquet both delicate and striking. Paired with a white gown, the effect is breathtaking. It proves that texture has just as much of an impact as colour when creating a stunning bouquet, and we can't help but agree. See more in An Elegant Wedding in Niagara-on-the-Lake.


Bejewelled bouquet

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by I Do Weddings

Add some sparkle to a bouquet of pink roses with some jewels. They're a great way to incorporate glamour into nearly every aspect of your ceremony, so why not the flowers? Wrapped in pink ribbon, this bouquet is fit for a princess. See more of this wedding in A Sparkling Pink Celebration in Hamilton, Ontario.


Baby's breath takes centre stage

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by Coriander Girl

We absolutely love the idea of making baby's breath the star in this bouquet. They have a delicate aesthetic that just fits, and tying them together with twine gives a simple arrangement a charming touch. Even better, this flower symbolizes everlasting love. Need we say more? For more inspiration, see A Woodsy Vintage Wedding in Caledon, Ontario.


Delightful daffodils

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Arrangement by Chelsea Fuss

Daffodils often symbolize new beginnings, so that's why they're an obvious choice for your wedding bouquet. Their sunny disposition certainly helps, too, as they bring brightness and warmth with you down the aisle. Stick with one colour palette, or switch it up and play with shades of pink, orange, yellow, and white for an eye-catching look.


A sprinkling of spider mums

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Photography by Rosina W. Photography. Floral design by Chara Nicole of Open Box Designs

Spider mums are a striking way to pack a lot of punch into just a few flowers. Consider having your bridesmaids carry them for a unique arrangement. Not only will these bouquets cut back your budget big-time, but their natural whimsy and charm will make an impact at any wedding.


Only orchids will do

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by Divine Designs

If you're choosing a single flower arrangement but still want some contrasting colours, choose a multi-coloured bloom like in this bouquet. Orchids have so many colours (with a unique meaning for each) that you can tell a full story through flowers alone. Yellow symbolizes new beginnings, while purple represents royalty, admiration, and respect. Fertility, charm, and love are just a few more ways to weave a tale through your bouquet.

See more in A Sophisticated, Modern Wedding in Windsor, Ontario.


I'll still be loving astilbe

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Photo by Windy Dougall

A bouquet of astilbe is a perfect choice for a vintage wedding. What do these alluring blossoms represent on your special day? Dedication to a loved one, and in this case, your beloved. They're lovely, subtle, and right on theme, which is exactly what your big day bouquet is calling for.


Keep it simple

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by A Rose and Bridal Gallery

Simple and sweet, daisies are a symbol of purity and gentleness. This bride went big and bold on her big day and united multiple elements together with the same shade of alabaster white. We also love how her black sash ties into the black disc of the daisies. It's perfection personified. To see more, check out A 60s Inspired Destination Wedding in Beaumont, Texas.


Gardenias for days

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by Karen Tran Florals

Not only are gardenias available in full and miniature sizes, but these flowers exude a sweet smell, especially in a bouquet. Their sweet perfume will give your ceremony the scent of something special, and that's precisely the point.


Calla lily colours

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Bouquet by Edgy Petals

For brides planning a modern wedding, why not experiment with a vibrantly-coloured calla lily bouquet? These multi-hued beauties will work their magic from the ceremony through reception, and we're living for the of-the-moment ombre effect. Experiment with colour to create a unique display that's entirely your own. See these flowers in A Green and Orange Outdoor Wedding in Kaleden, British Columbia.


Roses are forever

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by Carmela

There's a reason red rose bouquets are so popular for weddings: they symbolize passion and romance. They're a timeless choice that will never go out of style, so you can never go wrong with this go-to. To see a wedding that embodies all that, check out An Elegant Red and White Affair in Toronto, Ontario.


We love lavender lisianthus

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Bouquet courtesy of Mondo Floral Designs

Lisianthus bouquets, like this one, are perfect for brides planning a dreamy or romantic wedding. These lush blossoms bring texture to the bouquet, so you don't need over-the-top accessories; they're beautiful all on their own.


Contrasting colour scheme

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by Elysium Flowers

For a cute, laid-back feel, carry a bouquet of daisies and have your ladies carry a contrasting colour. We love the way the colours played off each other in this sweet photo, and daisies give you countless opportunities to express your creative side. For more, check out An Urban Garden Wedding in Toronto, Ontario.


Timeless white

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by The Watering Can

White roses are beautiful and timeless; that's why they can stand alone in this elegant bouquet. If you're having a traditional ceremony, you can never go wrong with this choice. Rich, beautiful, and truly classic, this stunning display is one to show off. For more, see A Fashionable Wedding in Wine Country.


Go bold

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by Fa the Flower Shop

Sometimes a boldly-coloured single flower bouquet can make an even bigger statement than a mixed bouquet. Vibrant orange isn't a colour we've seen float down the aisles every day, which is why we can't take our eyes off this beauty. Whether your favourite hue is rich blue or jet black, work it into your ceremony by incorporating it into your bouquet. See more in our Real Wedding: An Elegant Fall Wedding in Vaughan, Ontario.


Give carnations a chance

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Bouquet by Hummingbird Ministry

As far as we're concerned, carnations are extremely underrated. Not only are they inexpensive and gorgeous, like in the bouquet above, but they're also known to last a long time. Carnations are brimming with meaning too. Red symbolizes deep love, while pink blooms like these represent love, enchantment, and gratitude. Sounds good to us!


Sold on solid colours

25 Single-Flower Arrangements We Love Flowers by Stemz

We love the way that solid purple arrangements, like this one, contrast with bridal gowns. These lush blossoms are about as vibrant as they come, so prepare for those compliments to come rolling in. Purple also symbolizes royalty and admiration, which is perfectly suited to such a special occasion.

This article was originally published on Feb 29, 2012

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