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20 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Your Wedding More Fun

  |  By Kylie Conner

While there's no doubt that your wedding day will be a blast for you and your new hubby, it's important to ensure that guests are equally happy and entertained. The key to planning a memorable wedding is including unique, never-before-seen details and interactive concepts that get friends and family involved in the celebration (even if they're not in the wedding party). From the simple to the extraordinary, these entertaining ideas are guaranteed to bring a smile to every guest's face.


Choose a unique venue

Photo via Offbeat Bride.

Put a new spin on the average ceremony or reception venue by holding your celebration somewhere unique and interesting. An aquarium, a museum, or somewhere else people wouldn't expect will leave a lasting impression. It's an innovative way to showcase your personalities, bond and highlight a special interest you both share. Exchanging vows at the aquarium where you first met? Irresistible.


Create a DIY confetti bar

Instead of the ever-so-popular candy bar, why not go for a confetti bar instead? Here, guests can select a custom blend of confetti to shower you with as you leave your celebration at the end of the night. It gets guests invested in the celebration, encourages connections between them, and is quite the riveting way to end the party. Incorporating fun touches into your special day makes guests feel like a valuable part of the moment.


Host a costume wedding

Photo via Offbeat Bride

Do you and your betrothed anxiously await the arrival of Halloween each year? Then why not host a costume wedding?! Choose your favourite theme and create a dress code or assign specific characters to each guest. There's no better way to break the ice at a party than with costumes, and it helps take the edge off when your third cousin twice-removed finally meets your hubby's fourth great-uncle. Rather than hunting down couture gowns, it gives guests a one-of-a-kind party to remember, and yours is the wedding they won't stop talking about 10 years later.


Take some quirky wedding photos

Photo via Studio JKOE from The Things We Would Blog

When snapping photos with your wedding party, think beyond the traditional group shot and opt for some quirky poses instead. Traditional wedding photos are all about formality; this alternative is all about fun. Express yourself and bust out your best moves, play up an inside joke, or create a hilarious (yet memorable) moment like this one, and you'll elicit smiles every time you flip through your wedding album.


Provide some dancing shoes

Photo via Jen Rodriquez from Rustic Wedding Chic

Want to be the coolest and most appreciated wedding hosts ever — supply your heeled guests with some dancing relief in the form of flip-flops! They'll be forever grateful, and you'll go down in the books as their favourite host of all time, trust us.


Opt for a unique guest book

Photo via bleudetoi on Etsy

A fun way to get your guests involved in your wedding is to include an interactive guest book like this one where guests' fingerprints act as balloons once the photo is all filled up. We've seen plenty of crafty guest book options out there that are sure to show your creative side. Create a guest book that reflects your unique personality and relationship, so guests' reactions upon signing are: "This is so them."


Put a new twist on old traditions

Photo via A Day To Remember

Taking old traditions and changing them up is always a fun way to make your party stand out. In this case, the groom took the garter and put it around a football for the garter toss. Go long, groomsmen! Whether you're a sports lover, movie junkie, or travel aficionado, spice up old-fashioned traditions with modern interests.


Go with an unconventional wedding party

Photo via New York Times

What's a great way to get people talking about your ceremony and how adorable it was? Ask your grandmothers to be your flower girls! From much-loved family members to long-distance friends and fur babies, even the most unconventional couples can involve the entire gang in the process. The flower girl position isn't reserved for kids anymore, and neither is anything else. Your wedding party should reflect you.


Supply kid-friendly activities

Photo via Something Turquoise

Having a kid-friendly section of your wedding, whether it be a lounge filled with toys or a simple table with some crayons and colouring books, will help keep little ones occupied so their parents can fully enjoy your big day. They'll appreciate it tenfold — on both sides.


Choose multicoloured bridesmaid dresses

Photo via Jennefer Wilson from Green Wedding Shoes

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are all the rage right now and we can see why. Switching up the colours adds an air of whimsy to your wedding day. It's also a way for bridesmaids to get more input and control over the process, so they're not shelling out thousands for a couture number they'll never wear. If one loves pink and another loves blue, who says you can't do both?


Provide photo booth props

Photo via Offbeat Bride

Photobooths are becoming wedding must-haves. The best way to set your photo booth apart from others is by including an awesome array of props that your guests can play around with. This is an excellent way to get the conversation flowing and adds some excitement to the ceremony. Guests will have a blast as they dress up, pose, and share laughs.


Opt for funny save-the-dates

Photo via Wedding Photography

Save-the-dates will give your guests their first glimpse inside your big day. Allude to the good times ahead by adding a little humour into your save-the-date text or by including a silly engagement photo that will make guests smile. Rather than opening it and saying, "Another wedding?" these save-the-dates stir up the excitement early and give guests something to look forward to. Laughter isn't just the best medicine; it's also the best route to an RSVP.


Create signature wedding cocktails

Photo via Volatile Photo from Wedding Chicks

Looking for another way that guests can get to know you and your partner? Try selecting his and her's signature cocktails that fit each of your personalities. They'll want to sample every flavour, and they'll learn more about you while they sip. Spicy firecracker? Calm as a cucumber? There's a cocktail for that.


Ask for song requests

Photo via A Paper Proposal

Not sure if everyone will like your playlist? The best way to get your guests involved in the song selection is to include a song request line on their RSVP cards. Now, this means you'll likely illicit an eclectic assortment of songs, so you can let guests decide and play whatever they pick, or tailor your playlist around a specific theme or themes. Now, everyone has a chance to go wild when their song plays.


Have a sparkler sendoff

Photo via Pure 7 Studios from Floridian Weddings

Possibly the prettiest and most candid shots come from sparkler send-offs. Coordinating all of your guests with sparklers may be hard, but the payoff can be gorgeous. We love this romantic display as the couple heads home for their first night together, but you don't have to go the lovey-dovey route. From quirky to classic, sparklers have a way of making any wedding photo stand out.


Leave games on receptions tables

Photo via camispaperie on Etsy

Scatter your reception tables with fun games your guests can play while they wait for you to snap photos after the ceremony. Wedding mad libs are a popular choice that guests of all ages will enjoy. Since your guests are a diverse mix of family, friends, and co-workers, these activities act as icebreakers while putting some pep into their step. Who isn't ready to bust some movies after scoring a win at their favourite game?


Opt for off-beat wedding entertainment

Photo via Offbeat Bride

If you and your partner want to keep guests entertained but aren't ones for choreographed dances, perhaps opt for a different kind of wedding entertainment. Circus performers, dancers, or even magicians would make interesting additions to your reception. You don't have to spend the big bucks to assemble eye-catching entertainment, so consider less traditional options. You might get more bang for your buck with a local performance group instead of a classical singer, and your guests will enjoy it more, too.


Include your pet

Photo via Snap Knot

Including your dog on your wedding day is a sweet idea that both Fido and your guests will appreciate. These furry pals can pose for cute photos or serve as a part of the wedding party. Furry friends will cheer anyone up and bring their unbridled energy into this special moment.


Have a wedding pinata

Photo via Wedding Party

An emerging trend in the wedding world is piñatas. Including a piñata that goes with your theme or colour scheme is a fun activity guests will enjoy (it also makes for some great photo ops). We can't emphasize enough how hilarious those photos turn out, but we love watching guests swing away until they finally score some sweet treats.


Create a wheel of love

Photo via Wedding Chicks

Here's a project your groom and his groomsmen can work on in the lead-up to your wedding day. This "Wheel of Love" is a fun alternative to clinking glasses that guests will adore. Each spot can say whatever you like, and you'll spend the night enjoying a gutsy/glorious display as your guests spin away and transform those words into reality.

This article was originally published on Sep 17, 2014

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