Crafty And Creative Guest Book Ideas


Guest books are a great way for you to remember the family and friends that shared in your special day. Instead of having a simple book to collect names and messages, why not have a guest book that allows your loved ones to share a bit of themselves with you? Traditional books can sometimes be overlooked by guests, so instead consider opting for an eye-catching display that your friends and family can’t miss.

A wedding is about bringing two families together, and a unique guest book idea can help your guests break the ice. These guest book ideas will have your guests talking and interacting, which is a great way to create a fun atmosphere. We found 12 ideas that will awaken your desire to have an interactive guest book. ┬áThese ideas will allow your guests show off their personalities, share their advice, and even make sure you don’t forget their birthdays. Plus you will get a wonderful keepsake of art, hilarious advice or special memories that you can cherish for years to come.

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