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Unique Outfit Ideas For Every Groom

  |  By O'Niel Blair

A black suit with a crisp white shirt is a classic look that isn't going out of style anytime soon. However, typical groom attire doesn't always let your soon-to-be husband's personality stand out. Helping your partner find a look that is important to him could be the cherry on top to the excitement you're both feeling about the big day. After all, you'll want your soon-to-be-husband to feel as excited about his outfit as you feel about yours. Here are 11 unique outfit ideas for the groom in your life. Whether his style is more quirky or sophisticated, these are looks you'll definitely glean inspiration from.

12 Unique Fashion Ideas For Your Groom - Fun Tie Photo via Knotty Tie.

The Whimsical Tie A whimsical tie can be as subtle or as bold as you and your groom want it to be. Get your man a fun but appropriate tie to elevate that classic black suit into something fresh—a good option for grooms who want just a hint of quirkiness. Try small prints of polka dots or tiny animals.

12 Unique Fashion Ideas For Your Groom - Bolo Tie Photo as seen in this real wedding.

The Bolo Tie A laid-back alternative to traditional ties, the bolo joins two ends of cord with a stunning ornamental clasp. This minimalist look doesn't require any complicated tying, and adds a unique finishing touch to a suit.

Photo via Weddingomania.

The Velvet Suit A velvet suit is a great way to spice up a traditional look. Velvet adds softness and texture to your groom's look. Black or navy blue are tried-and-true options, but for those with soon-to-be-husbands that don’t mind colour, try a dark green or burgundy.

12 Unique Fashion Ideas For Your Groom - Pastel Photo as seen in this real wedding.

A Pastel Jacket A pastel jacket provides a masculine way to embrace a traditionally feminine colour palette. Perfect for a garden wedding with soft shades, this outfit choice is guaranteed to look amazing in photos.

12 Unique Fashion Ideas For Your Groom - Pastel Photo as seen in this real wedding.

A White Jacket A white suit jacket isn't just for 007—grooms who want to feel extra-sophisticated should opt for this one. This is a simple way to make the groom really standout from his groomsmen and make him feel extra suave. Traditionally, only the bride wears white but in 2019, the groom can, too.

12 Unique Fashion Ideas For Your Groom - Bold Print Photo as seen in this real wedding.

Bold Prints From Head-To-Toe A bold, attention-grabbing pattern is a whimsical and fun way for your groom to show off his personality. When pulled off well, it adds another level of chic to your soon-to-be-husband's look.

Go Jacket-less If you’re planning spring or summer nuptials, consider having your hubby forgo the suit jacket entirely. A short-sleeved dress shirt allows your groom to stay cool, and we love it with a bow tie, hat and suspenders to dress up the look and add a quirky vibe.

Photo via Friar Tux.

Solid Black Attire Try having your husband wear a solid colour, such as black, from head to toe. Play with texture and pattern (such as combining with our velvet or bold patterned ideas) for a unique outfit option. Consider adding a contrasting pocket square to complete the look.

12 Unique Fashion Ideas For Your Groom - Bold Colour Photo as seen in this real wedding.

Bright Colours For a summer ceremony, consider bright solid colours over a traditional neutrals. Pair the look with shorts to prevent your groom from overheating during nuptials under the summer sun.

12 Unique Fashion Ideas For Your Groom - Turtle Neck Photo via Weddingomania.

Turtleneck Perfect for nuptials in the fall and winter seasons, get your future-husband to try on his suit with a turtleneck instead of a dress shirt. This look gives your groom overall warm and cozy vibes and allows him to forgo the tie. It also gives the look a chic vibe while still keeping it casual.

12 Unique Fashion Ideas For Your Groom - Gold Jacket Photo as seen in this real wedding.

Gold Jacket Gold is a colour that partners especially well with black. A simple jacket swap from black to gold turns your man's expected look into something to talk about. If your wedding has an art deco theme, have your groom perfectly encapsulate a Gatsby look with this stunning jacket choice.


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