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The One Product You Need To Create Perfect Wedding Day Skin

  |  By Nikki Strachan

Photography courtesy of Maureen Im. Hair and makeup Judy Lim Makeup & Hair. As seen in this styled shoot.

Every skin tone comes with its share of concerns and challenges and believe it or not, conquering them and learning how to create a flawless finish is actually easier than you think. It’s all about having the right products to target your issues.

A product everyone needs to make their new best friend is a colour corrector. Think of these must-haves as the overachievers of the beauty world. They problem solve, they don’t disappoint, and they always bring their A-game. Rather than cover up any unwanted skin situations with heavy foundations and rich pigmented powders, colour correctors use colour theory to perfect the skin. When properly applied, they provide a natural and radiant base. Here are some of my pro tips to creating impeccable skin in advance of your wedding day.

Dark skin tones can experience an irregularity of pigment on the face. To balance and even out skin, a few different correctors will likely be required. In my experience, the chin and hairline area can be darker than the centre of the face. Look for correcting palettes that contain a range of shades which will allow you to perfect all areas with one product and also custom-blend shades together for a perfect match.

If your skin is prone to redness, a green colour corrector will balance out inflammation. If you want to neutralize a red blemish or even rosacea, use a sheer veil of green corrector on your face, you will be amazed at the effect! Your skin tone will balance out beautifully. I love to follow this step with a tinted moisturizer to give a natural glow and beautiful finish to skin.

If you have under eye discolouration which is a problem for many of us (it can range from purple to blue and even grey), look for orange and peach toned concealers to correct darkness. I advise veering toward peachy orange shades over yellow toned correctors as those can make skin appear ashier.

Nikki Strachan has been working at a professional makeup artist for over 14 years and is currently the key makeup artist for Your MorningThe Social and an instructor at Toronto’s George Brown College with a focus on bridal makeup. She has beautified numerous celebrities and brides and loves to bring a trend-focused eye to all her clients’ beauty looks. 


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