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Want A Gorgeous Green Honeymoon Getaway? Try Fairmont Mayakoba.

  |  By Alison McGill

If you’re eco-conscious, you’re probably incorporating as many green ideas into your wedding as possible. From sourcing locally grown flowers and food to finding beautiful recycled paper for your wedding stationary and choosing a vintage wedding dress, there are tons of green options available, and let’s not forget to include you honeymoon destination on that list too. Eco-tourism is big and there are many destinations worldwide to choose from, but a great one on our radar is the stunning Fairmont Mayakoba, Riviera Maya Resort.

Located 45-minutes south of Cancun, the Fairmont Mayakoba is the perfect place to tuck yourself away post-wedding for a quiet, luxe and ultra-private getaway. The 45-acre property lies under a forest canopy, alongside the Caribbean Sea and offers five different ecosystems: mangrove, tropical forest, lagoons, water canals and costal dunes. The property has won a bevy of awards recognizing its commitment to environmental initiatives of the years including being named one “Top 7 of Sustainable Hotels” from Mesoamerican Reef Tourism in 2010. And just what makes Fairmont Mayakoba so green?

• Eco-Meet which is a program undertaken by Fairmont to minimize the ecological footprint of hotel events through eco-accommodation, eco-cuisine, eco-service and eco-programming.

• Eco-tourism activities like bird watching and the Muyil Forest tour.

• Energy and water conservation on property.

• Area flora and fauna conservation

• Climate change initiatives such as adopt a tree program and low carbon tourism.

Mayakoba also has many eco-friendly partnerships and affiliations the support including World Wildlife Fund, National Geographic Society and the Rainforest Alliance and Tourism Sustainability Council. We know that many Canadians head Mexico for their honeymoon as you, our readers, told us in our 2011 Weddingbells’ Reader Survey. We also know that we’re an eco-savvy lot this side of the 49th parallel, which is why we think Fairmont Mayakoba is the perfect honeymoon locale for Canuks.

This article was originally published on Sep 05, 2011

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