Unique Honeymoon Experiences You Can Only Have In San Francisco

san francisco honeymoon - golden gate bridge

san franscisco honeymoon golden gate bridge

San Francisco’s been called The City by the Bay, Paris of the West and Fog City, for obvious reasons, but for 16 million annual tourists, it may also be The City of Compromise. Here, honeymooners of the May-December variety need not choose between urban and rural, relaxation or adventure, culture or rock n’ roll, sports or romance—San Francisco quite literally has it all.

In “49 square miles surrounded by reality,” as Jefferson Airplane founder Paul Kantner aptly described the city, all on walkable rolling hills (or hop aboard a cable car), are hundreds of years of native, European and finally American layers of history and culture built—and re-built, due to earthquakes—atop themselves.

Spanish colonists claimed one of the greatest natural harbours on the planet in 1776 after Sir Francis Drake sailed right by the entrance to the bay (whoops!). The Gold Rush in 1849—hence today’s football team, the 49ers—saw the city boom from 200 residents to 36,000, including large groups of Russians and Italians who settled into wine country north of the city. A hundred years later, the hippies made Haight-Ashbury the hub of their subculture.

Something for everybody is an understatement in San Francisco, and there’s no shortage of romantic outings to be had. Don’t miss these honeymoon hotspots.

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