Unique Honeymoon Experiences You Can Only Have In Aruba

Sunbathe With Flamingos

There are many things that set Aruba apart from other Caribbean hotspots: The landscape, the weather and the island’s tendency to draw visitors back year-after-year, to name a few.

The island’s dry, cactus-dotted terrain is indicative of the balmy year-round weather — a big draw for tourists looking to escape the snow and rain at home. Aruba also lies outside of the hurricane belt so it’s rarely affected by the tropical storms that ravage the rest of the Caribbean throughout September. On top of this, Aruba is home to a number of unique attractions you just can’t find anywhere else. From sunbathing with flamingos to dining with your toes in the sand, see a few of the reasons why this one happy island has the most return visitors of anywhere in the Caribbean.

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