The Ultimate Honeymoon Guide To Istanbul

the ultimate honeymoon guide to istanbul - Süleymaniye Mosque

the ultimate honeymoon guide to istanbul - Süleymaniye Mosque

If you’re looking for a honeymoon spot that’s both ancient and modern, cosmopolitan yet peaceful, look no further than Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city and the country’s cultural and historical epicentre. Boasting a population of roughly 15 million, the city has no shortage of fascinating history, culture, food and architecture. Being the only city on the globe to span both Europe and Asia, part of Istanbul resides on the European continent while the other half is on the Asian continent with the Bosphorus River between them. For honeymooners, the urban city has plenty of romantic charm along its shop-lined streets, while history buffs will revel in the ancient architecture and the remainders from the Ottoman, Latin, Roman and Byzantine empires. From breathtaking scenery, including picturesque sunsets and 150-year-old palaces, to historical monuments like the Blue Mosque, here’s our honeymoon guide for making the most out of your time in Istanbul.

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