The Top Beach Honeymoon Spots In The Caribbean

Honeymoon planning is one of the best parts of wedding planning, right?! And what could be better than luxuriating on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches after months of intense wedding planning?

To find the best-of-the-best hotels for your beach honeymoon in the Caribbean, we asked Tiffany Dowd, a Boston-based luxury hotel inspector who reviews the toniest hotels and resorts in North America and the Caribbean (she has a huge social media following too—find her @LuxeTiffany), for her favourite beach honeymoon hotspots.  “I have seen everything in the Caribbean and these are my absolute top destination picks for an incredible beach honeymoon,” Dowd shares. From secluded pristine white sand beaches in Turks and Caicos to a romantic escape in Antigua with a world-class wine cellar, here are five amazing beach honeymoon hotspots that will not disappoint.


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  1. Caribbean is the heaven for newly married couple. As this is the place where you can easily make your honeymoon perfect. i definitely go for it when i got married.

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