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Spook-tacular Hotels

  |  By Roseanne Dela Rosa
Find out why room 202 at the Fort Garry in Winnipeg is "spooky".

I was going to save this post for Halloween, BUT, I was too impatient, so I'm sharing it with you today. Besides, it's only like what, a week away until Halloween, right? So, to get all of you in the "spooky spirit", I thought I'd share this interesting article that I read on 13 of the Spookiest Hotels in Canada reported by


Spook-tacular Hotels

Surprisingly, the Fairmont has not one but a few eerie stories (well they have been around for awhile!). And, of all the ghost stories that TripAtlas reported, many are bridal-related. Hmm, anywho, here's four from their list of 13 that I thought would be quite interesting to share (Canadian-bound honeymooners beware!):

The Lady in Red is Dancing on the 14th Floor Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver, British Columbia As one of the most distinguishable buildings in Vancouver and a typical Fairmont chateau establishment, today's version was built in 1939. Amongst is grand architecture and its gargoyles, you may just find another one of its wonders: the lady in red. She has been described as an elegant lady in a red dress walking along an invisible ledge and wandering down the corridors of the 14th floor (or is it really the 13th?). Stranger still, the hotel's elevator is known to make stops on the 14th floor at random, without being requested.

The Blushing Bride Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Alberta The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel opened in 1888 and has since then has been the site of two major hauntings and ghost stories.

The first is about Sam the bellman who retired in 1967. He promised that he would return, but died a few years later. Well, he did return, and continues to do so today, especially for late-night arrivals to the hotel or guests who lose their keys. Watch out for a bellman wearing a 1960s classic hotel uniform.

A second story from the 1920s is told about a bride who was descending the grand stairwell in the hotel (rumoured to be closed to visitors today) on the way to her wedding ceremony. She tripped on her veil or it caught fire, and she fell down the stairs to her death, snapping her neck. She can be seen wandering through the hotel in her wedding dress. She is sometimes seen at the top of the stairs, but then disappears quickly.

Stay Away From the Second Floor Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg, Manitoba Whatever you do, don't stay in Room 202. Stories circulate all over about a cloaked figure that stands at the foot of the bed in Room 202, though sometimes this figure is described as a lady in a white ball gown. Blood is said to trickle from the walls and hotel staff members are known to report strange lights and noises throughout the second floor.

Ghosts Having a Ball The Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Ontario A penthouse at the Fairmont Royal York in downtown Toronto is rumoured to hold a grand Crystal Ballroom. It was permanently closed down because it failed to meet the fire code. But, it has been reported that there are times when the service elevator will go to this floor, even though it has been closed off. Guests who stay on the floor below (and who are none the wiser to its closing) have been known to complain about noise, music and talking coming from the ballroom where the chandeliers are also known to shake.

The Ghost of Unrequited Love Château Frontenac in Quebec City, Quebec Le Fairmont Château Frontenac is today recognized as United Nations World Heritage Site but it has also been known to have a few lurking ghosts. The ghost of a woman with long hair wearing a nightgown is often seen in guests' rooms and in their beds. Another ghost is thought to be the late Louis de Buade, governor during the late 1600s. He is said to have died in the hotel while his fiancée was in Europe. He is often seen in his 17th century clothes, wandering the halls looking for her, sitting on windowsills, floating through the ballroom, and watching guests when they are sleeping.

Spooky huh?! But if you're looking for thrills and chills for your honeymoon, then I definitely recommend booking a room at one of these suggested hotels. To read about the other 7 mysterious hotels click here.

This article was originally published on Oct 23, 2009

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