How To Organize A Healthy Bachelorette Party In Mexico (Really!)

healthy bachelorette party - yoga

Pre-wedding girls’ getaways are a long-standing tradition that also serves as the perfect antidote to celebrate and calm the bride-to-be. Upgrade your booze cruise party theme, and swap hangovers and buffets for sand, surf and sun salutations with a warm-weather wellness retreat.

Xinalani, an exclusive yoga centre in Mexico, is a particularly perfect spot to host a healthy bachelorette party. Located just south of the Puerto Vallarta airport and nestled in a lush, unspoiled jungle, this property boasts tree house-style accommodations perched above the pristine beaches of Banderas Bay, and daily activities from yoga classes to authentic cooking classes. And, an on-site spa and a healthy menu will ensure you’re nourished from head to toe.

To make the most of your wellness getaway and prep for the big day, Dr. Sara Celik, a naturopathic doctor, also suggests incorporating a cleanse. “A cleanse shouldn’t be about deprivation; instead it’s about nourishing the body to get results. Our digestive system can sometimes be sluggish and this can help give it a nudge.” Bonus for brides: it can help get rid of bloating and leave you glowing. Opt for a gentle and natural program that uses herbs and fibre, such as Renew Life Canada, which detoxifies (removes body’s toxins and pollutants) and cleanses (eliminates unwanted particles through the bowel and skin). “It’s straightforward (usually just a few capsules a day) and works within your lifestyle (say “yes” to the dessert), so you’re more likely to stick with it and reach your goal. So, go on, embark on some quality girl time because you’ll leave rejuvenated, rested, and ready for your wedding.

Read on for more tips on planning your healthy bachelorette party in paradise.


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