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Why You Need iPhone 11 (or iPhone 11 Pro) For Your Honeymoon

  |  By Alison McGill
Why You Need iPhone 11 (or iPhone 11 Pro) For Your Honeymoon

We all know that the photo sharing game is high these days, and your honeymoon is the ultimate social sharing event. Filling your Instagram feed with dreamy photos and videos of your African safari, Italian gastro adventures or palmy beach sojourn is just part of the total wedding package. In fact, there have been many articles written recently about the social media pressures of sharing those perfect honeymoon shots (for the record, we are all for of sharing amazing moments, but never at the expense of your relationship!). If you are about to embark on a honeymoon adventure, you want to be sure to pack the most advanced tech device and camera to cover all the beautiful honeymoon angles—enter the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

If you have been considering updating your phone, this is perfect timing. Not only are these devices faster, sleek and packing prolonged battery life (another travel essential), but the cameras on both iPhones are completely packed with some amazing new features that will make your photos soar. We had the chance to test drive these Apple toys and some of the amazing photo features of the new iPhone cameras are as follows.

Why You Need iPhone 11 (or iPhone 11 Pro) For Your Honeymoon iPhone 11's Dual-Camera System allows you to shoot wide angle with its Ultra Wide Camera.

Dual-Camera System (iPhone 11): Your photos just got a lot more roomier! With the Ultra Wide camera, you can now fit more in the frame, and also see what's happening outside that photo frame you look through to snap your shots. If you take a shot and cut off important data in the photo, the wider frame will actually allow you to capture the whole photo and your iPhone will autocorrect it for you. No more cropped off heads or tops of buildings you couldn't quite fit in your frame. Ultra Wide also means you can capture so much more scene, which makes for the most dramatic travel photography possible.

Why You Need iPhone 11 (or iPhone 11 Pro) For Your Honeymoon iPhone 11Pro features a Triple Camera System which means you can capture a huge depth of field, just like the pros.

Triple Camera System (iPhone 11 Pro): For iPhone's first pro model, the camera soars to new levels thanks to a super-slick three camera set up. There are three modes: Ultra-Wide camera, Wide camera and Telephoto camera. This means you are basically packing a professional caliber camera in your pocket that's able to take the most incredible snaps. With this camera, you can easily zoom from the Telephoto all the way out to the new Ultra Wide camera for an impressive 4x optical zoom range, which means you can capture a huge depth of field.

Shoot 4K Video: The video productions you can create with the iPhone 11 are quite simply perfection. Shoot in 4K at 60 fps (frames per second) and capture all the action thanks to the Ultra Wide camera. New built-in tools also allow you to edit video quickly and effortlessly.

Night Mode: The bright city lights of New York and Paris can now be beautifully captured with iPhone's Night mode. The best part is there is no filters, adjustments or tinkering required. Just switch on the mode and start shooting—your device will intuitively adjust to deliver dazzling nights’ shots. If you want to tweak things, you absolutely can experiment with Night mode's manual controls for increased definition and details.

Portrait Mode Plus: Want to produce a pro-star selfie that looks straight from a studio? The new High-Key Light Mono can take a selfie shot against a simple or busy backdrop and transform it into looking like a portrait you had taken in a sleek industry photo studio. Portrait Mode bonus: you can now capture your furry friends in all their glory with Pet Portrait Mode!

Why You Need iPhone 11 (or iPhone 11 Pro) For Your Honeymoon Use Pet Potrait Mode to capture your furry friends in all their glory. This one shot with iPhone 11 Pro.

Slowfies: A slow-motion selfie video in front of Buckingham Palace or on Serengeti safari is exactly the photo moment you didn't know you needed.

This article was originally published on Sep 24, 2019

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