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How I’m Planning a Honeymoon During COVID

  |  By Carly Ostroff

All photography courtesy of the June Motel Sable Beach.

*Carly Ostroff was married in August 2020 in a beautiful mircro-wedding in Toronto. She and her husband plan to have a larger, rescheduled celebration in August 2021.

Whenever I thought about a honeymoon trip, I pictured something epic. Like one of those huts overlooking the ocean somewhere tropical or some kind of safari in the jungles of Africa. To me, a honeymoon seemed like the perfect opportunity to go big (or stay home).  

Right away we decided we wanted to go somewhere neither of us had been before. We wanted to plan something more elaborate than what we normally would. Even though our wedding was in August, we were thinking November or December would be the perfect time to escape the winter for a couple weeks. It was all pretty standard—until it wasn’t.

When COVID hit in March, I thought it would be a few months thing. Obviously, I was wrong. I thought out wedding in August would go ahead as planned. I was wrong about that too. At the very least, I thought we could do our original honeymoon in winter, but that’s not looking too likely either.

I know we can jump on a plane and head over to Paris, Iceland or Portugal, and as much as we would love to, we don’t feel comfortable flying just yet. In the meantime, we figured we could do something local for now. We decided to plan a few overnight trips for the time being.

We are based in Toronto, so we started our honeymoon escape by heading to the June Motel in Sauble Beach. I loved that they stayed in touch by text and check-in was contactless. The motel and surrounding town were super cute and it made for a few relaxing days. We got up late, grabbed oat milk lattes at Amicis, wandered the beach, double kayaked (how’s that for romance?) and ate tacos at a nearby food truck. If you go, make sure to check out Heydays, the new restaurant at The June Motel. Trust me, between the broccoli Caesar, burger and lobster roll, you will not be disappointed.

Later in the week, we drove up to Prince Edward County, and went straight for pizza and wine at Norman Hardie Winery. We stayed at a cute B&B, and spent a lot of time exploring the little shops and Sandbanks beach. If you’re planning a trip, be sure to stop at Enid Grace for baked goods, Lemons for 22 different varieties of lemonade and HGTV’s Carson’s Garden + Market for a popular BBQ truck and fresh planted herbs.

Up next, we’re going to spend a night at the Four Seasons in Toronto. We love the idea of doing something luxe in the city. A couple’s massage at the spa and a quick swim sound like a dream, and we know we can book an amazing dinner at Café Boulud. The beds at the Four Seasons are next-level, so sleeping in and ordering room service for breakfast is high on our priority list.

If you recently got married or are planning to do so soon, you likely have to put the honeymoon of your dreams on hold. And that’s okay. While you wait it out, I suggest doing something special, even if it’s small. The point of any honeymoon is to enjoy some time alone and celebrate love. As for hut over the ocean somewhere tropical? Well, good things come to those who wait.


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