Plan The Perfect Honeymoon In Montego Bay, Jamaica

honeymoon in montego bay - resort


If you want a honeymoon destination that offers luxurious-yet-chill surroundings and romance, we suggest the laid-back lushness of Jamaica’s Montego Bay, a sensual nirvana that will lull you and your new mister into complete relaxation after the whirlwind of your wedding festivities.

Celebrate the switch from me to we with with extravagant accommodations, gourmet dining and romantic adventures that will draw you into island life in no time. With average daytime temps around 27°C, the tropical climate provides the three requisite Ss for a spectacular Caribbean honeymoon: hot sun, white sand and turquoise surf.

Check out these five essential experiences to make your honeymoon in Montego Bay the enchanting memory of a lifetime.

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