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Discover Why Cuba is Your Perfect Destination Wedding Island

  |   By Weddingbells

You’ll be in good company choosing Cuba as your love locale: even Beyoncé and Jay-Z, music’s power couple, have rendezvoused with this one-of-a-kind destination to discover it’s a tropical paradise like no other.

Steeped in Spanish colonial history that has evolved into its own extraordinarily vibrant culture, this unique Caribbean island offers unparalleled ways to create your dream destination wedding and honeymoon.

Indulge In Beauty

Gorgeous resorts abound across Cuba, from Varadero and Cayo Santa Maria to Cayo Coco and Holguin. The beautiful properties boast lush landscaping, modern decor, ritzy rooms, butler service, entertainment and activities, gourmet restaurants and chic nightclubs. Hosting a wedding at one of these impressive spots often means perks, from discounts for guest room blocks to freebie details for your wedding, and special indulgences for you as a couple.

An intimate destination wedding in Cuba means loads of venue options, from the open European-style courtyards and ornate cathedrals of Havana to spectacular settings at the resorts. And then there are the beaches…

A Beach For Every Occasion

Imagine your feet being massaged by fine, pure white sand as you stroll hand in hand with your mister, the ocean waves tickling your toes gently washing away your stress. The sky is blue, the sun warmly caressing your skin and there’s not a care to think about.

This is Cuba, with miles upon miles of spectacular beaches to relax and play on, always taking honours among the planet’s top sand spots. Last year in 2018 TripAdvisor ranked Cuba’s Varadero Beach as one of the best beaches in the world.

And think of the Instagram posts, with mind-blowing backdrops ranging from hot white sun, turquoise blue sky, rolling ocean waves and swaying green palm trees to the myriad of activities—from swimming, snorkelling and kite surfing to floating hand in hand and romantic sunset walks–waiting for snaps of you and your mister in action.

An Adventure For Every Mood

While it is important to spend time relaxing on those magnificent beaches, Cuba also offers loads of recreation for fun in the sun, from snorkelling, sailing and diving to fly-fishing, hiking, horseback riding, cycling and more.

Those are just the physical pursuits—there are amazing cultural encounters to entice your entire wedding party to explore Cuban life: from private tours in classic, vintage convertibles and learning how cigars are rolled, to visiting art galleries, artist’s studios and museums, to exploring world-class live music and dance events.

Experience Local Traditions

In Cuba, renown for its son cubano music made popular internationally by the Buena Vista Social Club film, music is everywhere, from the sidewalks of Havana to restaurants, bars and every venue imaginable. Make your day memorable by booking a local band to serenade guests all night long. Go one step further and take rumba lessons in advance, to surprise guests during your first number with this slow, sexy couple’s dance that originated here.

Add to the Cuban vibe on your day with a traditional pig roast. A whole pig is doused the day before in a tangy citrus-garlic marinade called adobo, then slow-roasted outdoors in a pit for several hours.

Create extra glamour with a cigar tasting lounge—Cuba produces over 50 million annually and they’re considered among the world’s finest. Local experts can guide guests through the experience, since similar to fine wines, there are subtleties to explore.

Ease & Expertise

Cuba was one of the first Caribbean locales to make destination weddings easy, from simplifying the legal paperwork to letting you personalize your day your way with specific colors, linens, flowers and so much more. Savvy couples will find most Cuban resorts have package deals—a one-stop shop for a memorable, ace experience—that includes an on-site wedding planner who will easily arrange to perfection the officiant, cake, music and every little detail.

Not only is the planning stress taken care of, the getting there is easy too. The island is just a short hop away—30 cities in Canada offer direct flights to Cuba.

So wherever you are, you can get to your dream celebration with ease, to start your new life together. A bonus is you can then roll your honeymoon right into the wedding. You’re already in Cuba, the travel is behind you—the honeymoon starts the second you and your mister say, “I do.”

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