Destination Wedding Planning: 4 Things to Consider Before You Book

If you’re recently engaged you’re likely in the throes of deciding exactly what kind of celebration you want and where. Destination weddings are one of the fastest growing types of celebrations and they can be especially intimate, memorable and cost-effective (yes really!), but they also require a lot of research beforehand. Before you say ‘I do’ to a sunset destination wedding in Jamaica or foodie-centric soiree in Italy we encourage you to do some serious thinking.

Remember: You’re planning a party away from home — this could be either be a blessing or a curse, depending on the type of bride you are. If you are a micro-manager or want to have a lot of DIY elements included in your celebration this likely is not the type of wedding for you. If, however, you are a little less wrapped up in the all the details, you will likely find dealing with a good long-distance planning team a dream because they will literally look after everything for you. With so many amazing properties now offering offering destination wedding packages, there are no shortage of venues to choose from. And the best part? You won’t be in competition with all of the other recently-engaged couples in Canada vying for the coveted summer weekend bookings!

Read on to see what we think are the four most important things to consider before planning a destination wedding.