Plan A Relaxing and Romantic Honeymoon On An Irish Coastal Island



Searching for the perfect honeymoon hideaway that’s out-of-the-ordinary, unique and extraordinary? We’ve found the perfect secret spot: Clare Island, a darling dot of an island, located just off the coast of County Mayo in Western Ireland. With only 145 year-round residents, the sheep out number people! Sounds like an amazing honeymoon escape, right?!

Clare Island is the type of place you feel as though time forgot. Small cozy cottages dot the dramatic coast line and the smell of fresh peat fire hangs in the air. Amongst the Irish and travel insiders, it has been known to be a great hideaway (it was also once home to famed Irish pirate queen Grace O’Malley who controlled a large portion of Western Ireland from her wee island outpost).  From sleeping in a charming 19th century lighthouse to enjoying incredible yoga and meditation classes on island, here are our planning tips for making the most of this destination, perfect for all adventurers, outdoor lovers and history buffs.

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