A New Destination Wedding Tool To Help You Plan The Perfect Getaway

An innovative new program from Sandals is allowing brides to completely customize their destination weddings online.

Instead of a traditional package, the WeddingMoons online tool literally lets you click and pick from over 1000 wedding ideas. To start, pick your destination, choose your own colour palette (you can mix and match up to three shades) and decide on your wedding elements. From linens to bouquets to ceremony decorations, Sandals’ curated gallery gives you a plethora of décor options to help personalize your day. Another bonus? The price is included with every item and automatically tallies up the cost of each piece you pick–a great way to see if you’re on track with your wedding budget. From classic centrepieces to tropical canopies, we picked 15 of our favourite destination ideas from Sandals’ WeddingMoons gallery to inspire you for your celebration.

All images courtesy Sandals.


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