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Wine Not?

  |   By Mai Trac

For our first date in forever(!), Bojan and I have planned some much needed time to enjoy each other and discuss the wedding. Yes, it’s true—when you have children, it’s very difficult to stay connected. Thus, the focus of our date will be to reconnect and enjoy an activity pertaining to the wedding.

One of our dear friend’s parents own a wine making store. This will not only give us the opportunity to prepare refreshments for the reception but also to make a special brew for the guests as a wedding favour. The process can be broken down into two phases:  1) Decide on the wine and add ingredients to the fermentor (a total of 15 minutes), and 2) In about four to eight weeks, bottle the prepared wine (about 45 minutes to an hour). The price is modest and includes bottles, corks, seals, ingredients, and personalized labels. With our busy schedules, this project is perfect as it is not overly time-consuming. Best of all, we are doing it together.

We’ve managed to knock a few other things off our list of things to do this past week:

- Marriage license applied for - Unofficial wedding invites (we’ve personally told all our guests to mark June 19th on their calendars) - Confirmed babysitters for the kids

There’s still more to be done but each day gets us closer and closer to our big day.  I am enjoying every moment of it so far (Bojan, maybe not so much, but he’s a guy!).

For all brides-to-be out there, what part of the planning are you enjoying most?

This article was originally published on Apr 26, 2010

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