Why You Should Elope

Photography courtesy of Dong Kim and Kelsey Horne.

There are going to be a whole lot of elopements happening over the next 12+ months and it’s a wedding style we have always loved and known how magical a celebration it can be. If you were at all feeling overwhelmed about the prospect of planning a large scale party, now is the time to make your once-distant dreams of eloping a reality. Here’s the top reasons why we think eloping is a great idea today (and always!)

It can be highly cost effective.
This benefit of eloping is pretty obvious. If you’re looking for an affordable way to tie the knot, eloping is definitely the way to go. Most couples spend the majority of their wedding budgets on the reception venue, food and drinks so taking these costs out of the equation can save you a lot of dollars. So many venues and wedding planners are have just launched amazing elopement packages now that are full of all the gorgeous details you want at your wedding day—flowers, decor, amazing food—at very reasonable prices.

Intimate can be extra-magical.
The great thing about eloping is that it creates an opportunity to really savour the day. Consider the appeal of reciting your heartfelt vows in private (without a crowd of 200 onlookers) then enjoying a few hours of stress-free shooting with your photographer (without feeling like you have to rush off to a reception) before indulging in the ultimate date night dinner.

Eloping = gorgeous photos!
If you want to capture your connection, elopement wedding photos are some of the most romantic, intense and beautiful ones. Photos have a very organic feel to them and allows your photographer to really capture you and the mood of your intimate celebration.

It’s a very stress-free wedding option.
Planning an elopement-style wedding is much less stressful than arranging a large-scale wedding at home for so many reasons. First, you won’t have guests to worry about so there will be no chasing relatives for RSVPs, no fretting over the perfect seating arrangement, and no children to worry about or food allergies to contend with. If you’re eloping far away from home you will also be on vacation mode so any small hiccups throughout the day will seem fairly insignificant.

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