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Why You Should Consider This Canadian Coffee Shop Staple Instead Of A Wedding Cake

  |  By Samantha So

Photo courtesy Krispy Kreme

Traditional tiered wedding cakes are taking a backseat to some other delectable sweets that can be dressed up for the big day. With the cupcake craze flying high, the wedding industry is taking note of a new player in town: The donut. What makes this fried doughy goodness so special? We went straight to the experts to answer this question and find out what they’re doing to elevate Canada’s favourite dessert.

What makes donuts so popular? "I think it’s the comfort more than anything – fun foods from our childhood evoke thoughts of comfort, familiarity and happiness.  What more could you ask for on your big day?" - Ashley Arvai, catering and special events manager at The Drake Hotel

Which donuts are the most popular choice for weddings? "The mini beignets. These donuts are light, soft and not too greasy. [We] use a real French recipe and our donuts are made with high quality ingredients such as butter from Belgium." - Sylvie Thobor, owner of Thobors Boulangerie

"Our glazed doughnuts always top the list for weddings. Every bride dedicates a lot of thought and effort to make her special day unique and memorable so Krispy Kreme’s one-of-a-kind doughnuts certainly make an impression. There is also the notion that these “golden rings” are a symbolic allusion to the marriage ceremony." - Ryan Buenaventura, marketing manager at Krispy Kreme

"For weddings we favour offering our donuts in miniature form. The top three requests are for our sinfully sweet Boston cream, our powdered version stuffed with Niagara strawberry jam and of course the classic old fashion drizzled in chocolate and rainbow sprinkles." - Ashley Arvai

How are couples presenting donuts in their wedding spreads? "Donuts often takeover the spotlight and are being featured as the main dessert and, in some cases, as the cake itself -- glazed donut towers." - Ashley Arvai

"We occasionally receive special orders for Krispy Kreme donut cakes. The fact that our key locations are donut factories allows for the flexibility to accommodate these orders regardless of how large they may be." - Ryan Buenaventura

Some might say donuts are a kitschy dessert centerpiece. What would you say to that? "It’s all about representing the couple and suiting their tastes and visions." - Ashley Arvai

This article was originally published on Sep 28, 2011

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