Why You Should Book A Weekday Wedding


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Weekdays are the new weekends in the world of wedding planning. With so many weddings being moved and rescheduled and venues overloaded with weekend requests, weekdays have suddenly become wildly popular wedding dates (and we are not just talking Fridays!). Next to intimate weddings, weekday weddings have become 2020’s hottest wedding trend and while getting married on a Wednesday might be something you are grappling with wrapping your head around, there are lots of perks to a weekday wedding (cost savings being a major one).

We spoke to Vivian Lyttle, lead planner and owner of Vivian Lyttle Events to find out why a weekday wedding is the perfect choice for the times and things to consider if you are looking outside of the weekend for booking your wedding date.

In light of COVID-19 how popular are weekday weddings going to become?
“I think we’ll definitely see a bit of rise in weekday weddings next year, with most 2020 spring and summer couples choosing to push their date to 2021. The popularity of weekday weddings is going to depend on how long the current situation lasts—if late summer and fall weddings need to reschedule as well, then we may see an even bigger spike in weekday weddings next year.”

Were they a thing that was becoming an option for couples pre-COVID? What is appealing about a weekday wedding for couples?
“Friday weddings have been a popular choice for couples for quite a while. So much so, I consider Fridays part of the weekend! Some venues offer discounted rates for Friday weddings, and it might be easier to plan a last minute wedding if you choose a Friday over the more popular Saturday dates.”

Can you save money on weekday weddings?
“Some venues and vendors offer discounted rates for Friday (or other weekday) weddings, so it can be a nice way to save a little bit on some pieces of your budget.”

What have been the most popular weekdays for weddings? Will this change in light of the crisis and can we expect to see weddings seven days a week?
“In my experience, as discussed Fridays are already a popular day to have a wedding and guests are used to the idea of attending a Friday celebration. Since it’s almost part of the weekend already, I think Fridays will continue to be popular, especially with COVID-19. I don’t imagine couples will be excited about booking their weddings Monday through Thursday, as I do think it becomes more challenging for guests to attend, especially if they’re coming from out of town. However, if a Wednesday is the only day available in the season you’re looking at, you may choose a Wednesday wedding over waiting another year to get married. It’s all about weighing your priorities and deciding what matters most to you as a couple.”

Any serious drawbacks to a weekday wedding?
“I think the biggest drawback would be the inconvenience a weekday wedding might create for guests. People are used to Friday weddings now, but a wedding on a Wednesday might mean your guests need to book several days off work to attend. That being said, I believe the people you love most would be happy to celebrate with you no matter the day!”

What are some cool perks of a weekday wedding?
“The biggest perk of a weekday wedding (meaning Monday through Thursday) is more vendors and venues will be available! Normally you would have a shorter list to choose from based on availability, but having your pick is definitely a perk.”

For anyone looking for a weekend in 2020 or 2021, realistically what are we looking at? Are there any spots open?
“Personally, I wouldn’t advise couples booking a wedding right now to choose a 2020 date. I don’t think we know enough about how COVID-19 will progress to be able to predict when weddings will be allowed to happen. If you have your heart set on 2021, then I would recommend having lots of flexibility on time of year and day of the week, as venues are definitely booking quickly with 2020 couples rescheduling to 2021. Will your wedding be just as beautiful and memorable on a Thursday in November? Absolutely!”

How will venues and vendors cope with weekday business? This will be a shift for everyone involved.
“The year 2021 is set to be a wild ride for venues and vendors, with 2020 couples rescheduling and 2021 couples already on the calendar. With financial losses this year, it will be nice to earn extra income on weekdays in 2021—but please send lots of coffee to your wedding industry friends, we’ll definitely need it as we will be very, very busy!”


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