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Why Updating Your Technology Is A Wedding Planning Essential

  |   By Alison McGill

We are fully living in a digital world and having the right technology at your fingertips is key. That old reliable laptop you use to stream Netflix and do the odd bit of work likely can’t keep up speed wise with the workout it’s getting now with WFH being the new norm and when it comes to video calls it may not even perform. Add the fact that you are connecting heavily with all your wedding vendors, doing all your planning online and having Zoom cocktails with your besties and bridal squad you need a sleek tech toy that is up for the job.

Enter Apple's New MacBook Air which has just launched and this little baby is the gem you need to tackle 2020 life. I have been using the New MacBook Air during my time working from home and given the fact my current MacBook Air dates from 2011 let me tell you the game has changed, majorly. It's incredibly thin and lightweight and the list of things I love with this new notepad is long (the fact mine is gold is absolutely one of them, she’s a beauty!), but let me narrow down a few of the key ones.

It’s Fast & Has Incredible Imaging This MacBook Air is 80 percent faster than previous models which means work and play is easy and breezy. The 13-inch Retina display delivers crisp, sharp imagery. You can also shop like a pro star thanks to Touch ID which means easy log in and secure purchasing online. You can have all those wedding essentials bought and shipped to your door in a hot tech minute.

The Keyboard Is Next Level My job necessitates a lot of time on spent on the keys and the fact this laptop now has the Apple Magic Keyboard is one of the things I noted and loved immediately. It’s sleek, comfortable to type on and is backlit and includes ambient sensors that auto adjust as you move from different locations and light sources.

It Makes Zoom and FaceTime Calls A Pleasure You are likely hanging out a lot virtually with your work colleagues, wedding vendors and of course friends and family enjoying cocktails and cards. The screen is the perfect size for virtually connecting and is equipped with Apple’s True Tone technology which means everything (and everyone including you!) looks bright and beautiful. It also packs a great punch when it comes to sound. It has a three-mic array for clear voice capture and advanced stereo speakers to deliver an immersive sound experience when watching movies or streaming shows.

You Can Store A LOT On This Notepad This MacBook Air has double the storage of any previous models, starting at 256GB and reaches up to 2TB. This means you can store a ton of videos, movies and photos here (hello, you wedding inspo photo files deserve a little more space don’t you think?).

The thing that is best of all about the New MacBook Air is the price. You get a whole lot for a reasonable investment. The 256GB model is priced at $1,299 (the New MacBook Air is available in three colours—gold, silver and space grey). My previous model has lasted me nine years so if you do the math on this investment and its lifespan it’s an incredible buy. We will all be at home for several weeks and you will be continuing to plan your wedding and connect with everyone virtually—this is really a sound investment to factor into your wedding planning budget.


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